Reputational Intelligence

Why use our
Reputational intelligence service?

Reputational Intelligence

Our reputational intelligence service uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to ensure the best results.

Who speaks badly of you?

Internet is a wild jungle in which everyone is free to write anything. This means that negative discussions about you or your products may arise without you noticing.
ReputationUp, with the help of artificial intelligence, is able to monitor the network to detect negative conversations about you or your company’s products.
Commercial competitors may be hiding behind many negative conversations. Through our tools, you can track the culprit.

Learn all about your business partners

Do you think your future partner is hiding something from you? Put it to the test through our systems. We will carefully search all the material on the web and we will provide you with a clearer vision of its history and the conversations that revolve around it.

Staff selection

Are you going to hire a new employee and want to know everything about him? Thanks to our reputational intelligence service, you can receive a complete profile of the activities of your candidates online.

Intelligence services

Thanks to our intelligence tools, we can help you in certain specific procedures:

  • Preliminary evaluation of a company.
  • Search of funds.
  • Search of hidden information

If there is something relevant that you should know, we will find it.

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