The Best Tool To Monitor Your Online Reputation

RepUP Monitoring Tool is the best tool to monitor your online reputation: the software combines Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to analyze what the Web says about your corporate or personal brand.

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What is the RepUP Monitoring Tool

To monitor your Online Reputation, we have created a comprehensive tool that monitors the Web in real time, measures the Sentiment Score of mentions and intercepts reputational crises:


Web Intelligence

The RepUP Monitoring Tool monitors search engines, social networks, forums, review sites and new media in real time, to understand what the web is saying about your brand.

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 Social Listening 

Social Listening

How does the audience react to your social activities? In order to get it, we monitor: FB, IG, YT, TW, IN, Soundcloud, Twitch, VK, Amazon, Ebay, Tripadvisor, App Store, Google Play ...

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 Content Analysis 

Content Analysis

The platform shows you key data with which you can measure your content marketing strategy, improve it and create the ideal content based on channel and audience.

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 Competitive Data 

Competitive Data

Thanks to the Online Persistent Monitoring system you can observe, listen, intercept and process - in real time - the key data on your competitors or allies.

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 Hashtag Tracking 

Hashtag Tracking

We analyze performance, diffusion, sentiment, demographic data and relevant influencers, to measure your hashtags and discover those related to your brand.

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 Buyer Analysis 

Buyer Analysis

Optimize your campaigns, analyzing (by type of media and sentiment) the demographics of your audience: age, gender, country, language, profession, family status and interests.

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 Risk Intelligence 

Risk Intelligence

The RepUP Monitoring Tool allows you to track any signs of reputational crisis in real time and prevent costly Crisis Management operations and processes.

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 Influencer Analysis 

Influencer Analysis

The RepUP Monitoring Tool allows you to identify who are the best influencers in your market niche, what they share, what results they get and how to contact them.

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 Sentiment Analysis 

Sentiment Score

The RepUP Monitoring Tool calculates the Net Sentiment Score, namely the percentage of positive net sentiment generated by your brand, personal or business, on the Web.

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Who is the RepUP Monitoring Tool for

97% of brands consider reputation as the main asset for a successful business.

By personal brand

The RepUP Monitoring Tool monitors the online reputation of a personal brand: for example Mario Rossi or Mario Rossi S.p.a.

by corporate brand

The RepUP Monitoring Tool monitors the online reputation of a corporate brand: for example Business S.r.l. o Business S.p.a.

RepUP Monitoring Tool for:

Personal or Corporate Brand


Monitor the brand's online reputation through advanced software, which measures multilingual data and key infos in real time, to hear what the Web says about your business.


1) Measuring your value
2) Improve your score
3) Having a positive reputation
4) Convert new customers
5) Intercepting signs of crisis
6) Protect your brand


The RepUP Monitoring Tool operates a monitoring strategy that verifies what is published online in real time, allowing you to optimize your ROI and prevent any reputational crises.

How the RepUP Monitoring Tool Works

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WHAT - The Topic

Create a new Topic and fix what to monitor: keywords, hashtags, web domains, individual URLs, profiles and social pages, account on forums and review sites.

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HOW - The Language

In which language do you want to activate the monitoring system? You can set the results by language and/or country or leave it open for a global check.

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WHEN - The Time

The RepUP Monitoring Tool allows you to set the time frame on which to monitor, with filters ranging from one day up to two years ago.

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WHERE - The sources

Search Engines, New Media, Newsletters, Blogs, Forums, Social Networks, Play Stores, Review Sites, Broadcasts (TV, Radio and Podcast) ...

The RepUP Monitoring Tool scans the entire Surface Web, intercepts in real time any online content related to your brand, your competitors, buyers or sector influencers, and sends you an alert – via email or text message – whenever new content comes out.

RepUP Monitoring Tool for Corporate or Personal Brand:

The Features


Key Data


Brand Listening


Sentiment Analysis


Content Analysis


Social Listening


Hashtag Tracking


Risk Intelligence


Competitive Intelligence


Buyer Analysis


Influencer Analysis

Why monitoring your online reputation

10 Advantages your Brand gets from the RepUP Monitoring Tool:

Measure the value of your brand on the web

Check what the Web is saying about your Brand

Intercept any negative content

Prevent expensive Crisis Management operations

Improve your Content Marketing Strategy

Get accurate demographics about your Buyers

Measure KPI of campaigns and hashtags

Analyze the performance of your Social Networks

Check out the strategies of your Competitors

Discover the best Influencers in your industry

Plans and Prices

Find out which plan is best suited for your monitoring strategy


Results per month



Until 20k


Until 100k


Until 1M


Over 1M


Up to 20k Results per Month



Up to 100k Results per Month



Up to 1M Results per Month



Over 1M Results per Month


Frequently Asked Questions

The RepUP Monitoring Tool is the ReputationUP software to monitor the online reputation of personal or corporate brands.

The software scans the Surface Web, in real time, looking for positive, neutral and negative content related to your brand.

Through a mix of Human and Artificial Intelligence, the RepUP Monitoring Tool is able to provide you with essential information for:

    • Check What Your Brand’s Web Is Saying
    • Optimize your Digital Strategies
    • Grow your Business

Currently our customers are:

    • Private and public companies
    • Professionals
    • VIP
    • Public and Political Administrations
    • Credit, Financial, Insurance, Banking and Investment Bodies
    • Health and BioMedical Bodies
    • Sports Club

The goal they have in common is: to find out what the Web says about their brand and gain competitive advantages from the data obtained.

The artificial intelligence of our Online Persistent Monitoring system:

    • Scan the entire Surface Web
    • Analyze Big Data in real time
    • Intercept multilingual content from around the world


If you want to have control of your online brand, start a reputation monitoring strategy: otherwise you will never know what the Web says about you.

Seize new opportunities, intercept the signals of crisis, prevent costly Crisis Management operations.

The RepUP Monitoring Tool allows you to monitor:

  • Keyword 
  • Hashtag 
  • Web domains
  • Single urls
  • Profiles and Social Pages
  • Account on Forums and Review Sites

The sources from which the RepUP Monitoring Tool is drunk are constantly expanding.

You can currently monitor +300 sources from:

  • Search engines
  • New Media
  • Newsletter 
  • Blogs 
  • Forums 
  • Social Network
  • Play Store
  • Review Sites
  • Broadcast (TV, Radio and Podcast)
  • … 

The control panel is available in eight languages (English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español, Türkçe, 日本語, 中文).

But the the RepUP Monitoring Tool acts globally multilingual.

So you can track your brand in all countries , in all languages .

Discover all the benefits here.

Based on the popularity of your brand and the amount of results it generates online, we have studied four different plans.

Ask to receive the Free Demo .

PROFESSIONAL – € 900 month

  • Full Features
  • Up to 20,000 results per month

PREMIUM – € 1.490 month

  • Full Features
  • Up to 100,000 results per month

ÉLITE – € 8.900 month

  • Full Features
  • Up to 1,000,000 results per month


  • Full Features
  • +1.000.000 results per month

Ask for the Free Demo and receive the email “Demo RepUP Monitoring Tool”: if you can’t find it in your inbox, please also check the spam folder.

In the email you have a detailed video that shows you all the features of the RepUP Monitoring Tool, so as to allow you a full evaluation of the Tool.

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