Coinbase Online Reputation After Its Stock Market Debut [CASE STUDY]

A ReputationUP study has analyzed the online reputation of Coinbase, the first cryptocurrency company to  go public on the stock market.  

In this study, we have examined the sentiment and the level of public acceptance based on the terms Coinbase and Nasdaq.

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The evolution of cryptocurrency

The first cryptocurrency, bitcoin, was founded in 2009. From then on, there has been a succession of new cryptos. To date, users can perform trading operations by choosing among more than 7,000 cryptocurrencies.  

Investing in coins has become a worldwide spread practice. In fact, many companies, such as Tesla, have begun to accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

Coinbase, a cryptocurrency trading platform managed a few days ago to be the first crypto company to go public, marking a major milestone in the journey of cryptos in the world market.

Coinbase (COIN) listing on the Nasdaq: the bitcoin value hits all-time high, trading up to $60.000.

Cryptocurrency industry is experiencing a particular age of prosperity. Coins have not only earned the trust of traders, but they are also gaining the attention of companies and private institutions who are embracing this industry.

This study discloses the general public sentiment towards the debut of crypto exchange on Nasdaq.

Coinbase first results on stock listing

On its first day trading on the Nasdaq, the initial valuation put Coinbase ahead of many well-known firms, such as BP.

The price ranged between a minimum quote of $310,44 and a peak of $429,54.

The following infographic shows the first COIN data, on the  Nasdaq.

Coinbase first results on stock listing ReputationUP

Experts assure that, although Coinbase is the first platform to debut on the New York stock market, this phenomenon is being soon followed by other crypto firms.

The absence of cryptocurrency regulation is one of the main factors but it is also a barrier towards the widespread adoption of a new payment model.

Coinbase: the analysis  

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To prepare this data analysis, ReputationUP Study Center focused on April 14, the day of Coinbase IPO.

The following parameters have been examined:

  • Results;
  • Sentiment;
  • Positive and negative themes;
  • Sentiment key factors. 


The performance trend refers to interactions over a given period. The following concepts have been considered:

  • Mentions;
  • Likes; 
  • Reviews;
  • Sharing;
  • Pictures;
  • Videos;
  • Articles;
  • Tags;
  • Hashtags.

17.600 results were recorded on the Internet with reference to Coinbase IPO, on April 14.

These data mark an increase of 341.2%, compared to the previous day. 


It measures the percentage of positive or negative sentiment generated by users on social networks.

The ReputationUP Study Center also calculated the net sentiment generated by Coinbase on the Internet. In this case, the net percentage was measured on a scale between -100 to 100

Such data are readable on the following graphs.

Sentiment ReputationUP

The positive (6,3%) and negative (7,1%) sentiment are balanced. Thus, the net sentiment is -6%.

Sentiment key factors

The ReputationUP Study Center has also analyzed the main issues people are talking about when referring to Coinbase. In general, the sentiment is classified as neutral to positive. Main topics are related to terms like investing, blockchain and crypto trading.

Sentiment key factors ReputationUP

Similarly, the analysis shows the latest data on the most used hashtags

Sentiment key factors guide ReputationUP


The Study Center of ReputationUP, leader in online reputation management has analyzed the online reputation of Coinbase, the first cryptocurrency company listing on Nasdaq.

From this study, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • Coinbase listing on Nasdaq has generated an increase of online results related to the company;
  • Coinbase sentiment is both positive and negative; 
  • Positive sentiment is essential for the activities of a company, organization, public figure, etc..

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