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RepUP eBook
Read our eBook on Online Reputation

What you will find on these pages is a sincere and no-frills portrait of Andrea Baggio, the young Venetian entrepreneur, founder of ReputationUP.

Together with his team, he decided to tell the true story of ReputationUP by revealing the secrets of Online Reputation for the first time.

Starting from the two key concepts of Online Reputation Management and Right to Be forgotten, he leads the reader into the maze of the reputation funnel, defining – step-by-step – how to manage one’s personal or corporate online notoriety effectively.

At the end of the book, Baggio releases an in-depth personal interview and defines himself as a Cyber ​​Hero.

All aspects of our daily lives tightly depend on technology, so what better figure than a Cyber ​​Hero could make people feel safe?

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FORBES | October 2, 2020

In the era of digital exposure, both for individuals and companies, it has become essential to protect their own digital identity. The network does not forget, and the traces of our online activity are often reluctant to be removed. ReputationUP is the guardian angel of the web reputation (and credibility) of companies and individuals.


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