Ethical code

ReputationUP is based on solid corporate values and ethical principles. This distinguishes us from a large number of entities that work in the reputation sector.

Reputation management is often misinterpreted as a practice of suppressing harmful information about any person. Information that could often be in the public domain.

That is why we have decided to elaborate this ethical code. ReputationUP acts in the reputation sector in accordance with the laws in force in the countries in which it operates and with the help of the following ethical principles.


We are aware that a reputation crisis can inevitably damage the life of each one of us. As a company that acts in this sector, we put “people” at the center of everything. We want to offer the people involved, who have corrected their mistakes, the opportunity to continue their lives independently.


We will make sure that our customers can see what we do transparently. That is why we have created our own private platform, through which you can monitor the progress of the work.


Being able to remove any information from the network means taking responsibility for the information that we are going to eliminate. We are aware that putting people in the center means giving them the opportunity to move forward without the weight of past mistakes. However, we know that certain information that is in the public domain must remain in the public domain.


We are committed to eliminating and restoring the online reputation of each of our clients and to do so within the established deadline. We guarantee the removal of any information found and the restoration of online reputation.

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