Top 5 Business Influencers: Sentiment and Online Reputation Analysis [CASE STUDY]

A study done by ReputationUP has analyzed the online reputation of the top business influencers in the world.You might thoroughly examine a ranking showing the online image of these influencers in the business sector.

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Business Influencers

Influence marketing has an essential role in social media networks.

In this field, influencers can influence and attract an audience that belongs to the business sector. Thus, they motivate their followers by providing information on a cause in which they believe.

Forbes: business influencers

Forbes magazine periodically rolls out a list of the top influencers globally divided into several topics to measure followers and interactions.

The Forbes list includes ten tech business influencers. Let’s see in which sectors they operate and the number followers among Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Lewis Hilsenteger

Lewis Hilsenteger’s ideas are original and simple. His YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy, showcases the ‘coolest’ tech products on the planet.

In just one day, his videos get one and a half million views.His YouTube channel has almost 18 million followers. And a total of 23,661,400 followers on social media.

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee runs the YouTube channel MKBHD with currently 14 million subscribers

In one week, his videos are watched by about 2,500,000 people

The tech contents he creates concern tablets, smartwatches, smartphones. Thus, he had the opportunity to interview celebrities such as Bill Gates or Elon Musk. 

His portfolio, including all social media accounts, has 22,134,492 subscribers. 

Gary Vaynerchuk

He is one of the pioneers in influencer marketing for the corporate sector.

He turned a family business into an online opportunity by increasing Internet sales.

Gary Vaynerchuk regularly uses social networks and offers a series of documentaries on YouTube. He has a total of 17,860,006 followers.

Linus Sebastian

Linus Sebastian started his career as an influencer by chance. The owner of the computer store where he worked asked him to make videos about their products.

Today, his Linus Tech Tips channel has over 14 million subscribers

His contents include hardware and PC build guides. His social accounts have a total of 17,500,000 followers.

Justine ‘iJustine’ Ezarik

Justine Ezarik, known on social media as iJustine, is an original influencer.

She began creating content like blogs and videos on Apple products very early.

She is one of the most influential women in tech.

The influencer has 12,036,942 followers on the four social media platforms.

Justine ‘iJustine’ Ezarik ReputatopnUP

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is a guru of business. In 2008 he started on Facebook, using it as a marketing tool.

Years later, his video shot in a garage in front of a Lamborghini went viral.

He advises his followers to use the new social platforms to achieve their goals. He has 10,678,100 followers.

Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is an entrepreneur, blogger, investor, motivational speaker, etc.

Thanks to his skills in all these fields, his blog has become more authoritative than New York Times or CNN publications.

The so-called “Tim Ferriss effect” has become popular on social media. He has reached  4,643,048 followers.

Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan Morrison uses his social networks to share reviews and previews on tech devices, such as smartphones. The YouTuber reaches 3,526,700 followers.

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo started her career on the New York Stock Exchange. 

Later on, she used her knowledge and expertise to create a show, MarieTV, to help people grow a business. The entrepreneur has 2,225,700 followers.

Melinda Emerson

This businesswoman uses social media to advise businesses on how to grow through her SmallBizLady brand.

She uses the Twitter hashtag #SmallBizChat, like a forum. Melinda Emerson has a total of 311,889 followers.

Business influencers: the analysis

This study will help find out if the number of followers is directly proportional to the online reputation of these influencers.

Using the RepUP Monitoring Tool software, ReputationUP Study Center has analyzed the online reputation of the top 5 business influencers. The period of analysis was the week between May 1 and May 6.

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The following parameters have been examined:

  • Results; 
  • Sentiment;
  • Positive and negative themes. 


The performance trend refers to interactions over a given period. We have considered the following concepts:

  • Mentions;
  • Like;
  • Reviews;
  • Shares;
  • Pictures;
  • Videos;
  • Articles;
  • Tags;
  • Hashtags.
Results ReputationUP

As for the five influencers, a total of 18.900 results came out in one week.

Marques Brownlee’s results are far superior to those of the remaining business influencers. 57.7% is about him.

iJustine ranks second, with 19.5%.


In monitoring the online reputation of influencers, we looked at the sentiment, which measures the percentage of positive or negative sentiment generated by users on social networks.

The ReputationUP Study Center also calculated the net sentiment generated by the influencers on the Internet.

This data refers to the net percentage measured on a scale between -100 to 100. Such data appear on the following graphs.

The positive sentiment towards Lewis Hilsenteger is 14,9%. In comparison, the negative one is 2,6%.

Thus, the net sentiment is 69,9%. Almost all results refer to May 5.

Sentiment ReputationUP

Marques Brownlee has a positive sentiment of 36.2% and a negative sentiment of 13.4%.

The net sentiment towards Brownlee is 45,9%.

Sentiment towards Marques Brownlee ReputationUP

As for Gary Vaynerchuk, the positive sentiment (12,5%) and negative sentiment score (15,2%) are almost the same.

Most results refer to the research made on May 5 and 6.

The net sentiment is -9,7%.

Sentiment towards Gary Vaynerchuk ReputationUP

Linus Sebastian also has a very similar positive (17%) and negative (16.8%) sentiment percentage. For him, the net sentiment is 0.6%.

Sentiment towards Linus Sebastian ReputationUP

Finally, iJustine has the highest positive sentiment (47.7%) among the five.

The negative sentiment is 12.3%, while the net one is 58.9%.

Sentiment towards iJustine ReputationUP


The Study Center of ReputationUP, a leader in online reputation management, has analyzed the online reputation of business influencers with the most followers on social networks.

We may draw the following conclusions from this analysis:

  • Except for Lewis Hilsenteger, the other influencers generate almost the same negative sentiment;
  • The negative sentiment towards Lewis Hilsenteger is only 2,6%.
  • iJustine is the business influencer with the highest positive sentiment (47,7%);
  • Lewis Hilsenteger, Marques Brownlee, and iJustine show the highest net sentiment scores. The winner is Lewis Hilsenteger.

Among the five business influencers, two of them stand out for their excellent results in terms of sentiment.

On the one hand, Lewis Hilsenteger comes out for his net sentiment. On the other hand, iJustine has an excellent net score and positive sentiment.

spy on competitors reputation repup monitoring tool 2022

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