Dina Boluarte’s Online Reputation During The Crisis In Peru [CASE STUDY]

The President of the Republic of Peru, Dina Boluarte, has been in the spotlight since taking office in December.

The protests hinder the management of Boluarte in a country currently mired in a severe political and humanitarian crisis.

ReputationUP analyzed Dina Boluarte’sonline reputation between 20 and 26 January.

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Who is Dina Boluarte?

Dina Boluarte is a Peruvian politician and lawyer. Since last December 7, you have held the Presidency of the Republic of Peru.

She became the first woman to hold this position.

You previously served as Vice President and Minister of Development and Social Inclusion.

Who is Dina Boluarte ReputationUP

The mandate of Pedro Castillo

Pedro Castillo served as president of Peru from July 2021 to December 2022.

During his tenure, Dina Boluarte was vice president.

In her six months in office, the president appointed four different ministerial cabinets and ordered the dissolution of Congress, which marked the end of her term.

Her handling, with the media against it, was marred by corruption, leading up to her arrest.

The mandate of Pedro Castillo ReputationUP

The arrival of Dina Boluarte

Castillo’s resignation led to the entry of Dina Boluarte.

In her new position, she publicly distanced herself from Pedro Castillo’s politics through a Twitter post:

“I reject Pedro Castillo’s decision to perpetrate the collapse of the constitutional order by closing down Congress. A coup d’état aggravates the political and institutional crisis that Peruvian society will have to overcome with strict observance of the law.”

The arrival of Dina Boluarte ReputationUP

Although Boluarte has set elections for 2026, the president had to bring the political campaign forward to 2024 due to the protests.

The president is not in an easy situation, not only for the riots but also for her team’s resignation.

Dina Boluarte’s rejection

With only a month and a half in the presidency of Peru, Dina Boluarte has all public opinion against her.

According to a CID-GALLUP study for Infobae, 83% of citizens do not feel represented by the current president, compared to 17% who support her.

Apart from that, 63% demand early elections.

Dina Boluarte’s rejection ReputationUP

The Southern Revolution

Social protests have not stopped since December, especially in the country’s south.

This region is one of the most disadvantaged in Peru and has most supported Castillo, a native of that area.

In just one day in Puno, about twenty people died in a protest in front of the police.

Since the beginning of the crisis, 55 victims have been reached.

Dina Boluarte is in the media spotlight for the country’s protests and deaths.

The prosecutor has opened an investigation against the president for alleged genocide.

The UN calls on the Peruvian authorities to respect human rights, including the right to peaceful demonstrations:

“We urge the authorities to respect human rights and ensure that a diligent, independent, impartial, and transparent investigation is conducted.”

The taking of Lima

The new chapter of protests and crisis was born with the taking of Lima.

The capital of Peru is gathering protesters from all over the country, recalling the memory of La Marcha de los Cuatro Suyos.

Lima is mainly gathering peasants, university students, and middle-class people.

Dina Boluarte: the analysis

For Dina Boluarte’s online reputation monitoring, our analysis focused on January 20-26.

The parameters examined are the following:

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ReputationUP uses reputation monitoring software, RepUP Monitoring Tool, which analyzes everything said on the net in real-time, combining Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.


With the sentiment, we calculate the positive or negative opinion percentage generated by users on social networks.

The ReputationUP Study Center has also calculated the net sentiment generated by Dina Boluarte on the Internet.

This is the net percentage, measured on a scale from -100 to 100. It can all be seen in the graph below.

Sentiment Dina Boluarte ReputationUP

Dina Boluarte’s positive sentiment is 2.3% versus 57.6% negative.

These percentages produce a net sentiment of -92.2%.

These are very negative figures, which clearly show the reputational crisis that the president of Peru is experiencing.

Her sentiment data makes it clear that Boluarte needs an online reputation management plan to improve its image.

The following shows, once again, how the president’s net sentiment is evolving.

Sentiment over time Dina Boluarte ReputationUP


RepUP Monitoring Tool also monitors the emotions generated by Dina Boluarte.

The software breaks down the different emotions as follows:

  • Anger;
  • Joy;
  • Sadness;
  • Fear;
  • Surprise.
Emotions Dina Boluarte ReputationUP

Anger is the predominant emotion aroused by the president of Peru, with 70.4%, followed by sadness (15.1%), joy (8.8%), and fear (5.5%).


ReputationUP’s proprietary software analyzes the network trends associated with Dina Boluarte.

Keywords Dina Boluarte ReputationUP

The president’s name is linked to negative keywords such as dictatorship or assassin.

In addition, a hashtag is widely used on the Internet: #DinaRenunciaYa.


The Study Center of ReputationUP, one of the leading online reputation management companies, has analyzed the online reputation of Dina Boluarte during Peru’s political crisis.

From this analysis, you can draw the following conclusions:

  • The negative sentiment of the president of Peru is 57.6% against a positive 2.3%;
  • Her net sentiment is -92.2%;
  • The emotion associated with her name is anger;
  • Keywords related to Boluarte are negative: dictatorship, assassin, or #DinaRenunciaYa.

Through the RepUP Monitoring Tool monitoring software, it was possible to obtain essential digital reputation and sentiment results.

Dina Boluarte’s digital image was affected by the situation even before she held the position of president.

With Pedro Castillo’s mandate, Peru entered a crisis, which also affected Boluarte.

The president of Peru has the population, the media, the polls, and even part of her team against her.

The word’  elections’ constantly haunts her figure, and even a possible renunciation is in sight.

repup monitoring tool monitor online reputation reputationup 2022

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