How To Delete Videos From Youtube And Protect Your Privacy [GUIDE 2024]

After reading today’s guide you will know exactly how to delete videos from Youtube. Purpose: To protect your privacy from content that infringes copyright or that damages your public image in order to repair your online reputation fast.

how to delete video from youtube 2022

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Why should you delete Youtube video?

When an outside user posts a video that harms your online reputation, the most important aspect to consider is how fast the offending video can go viral, thus furtherly damaging your image.

Why should you delete Youtube video ReputationUP

Two billion Youtube users also share videos on other social networks every day and allow anyone to watch or download that video on any mobile or desktop device. 

According to Wyzowl, 88% of users say they have been persuaded to buy a service by a corporate video.

Video engagement Delete videos from YouTube ReputationUP

At this point it should be clear to you that a defamatory video online immediately reaches every part of the globe, with catastrophic effects in terms of damage to your image and / or infringement of intellectual property.

If you still have doubts about why to delete Youtube video, allow me to give you the definitive statistic, the one that will sweep away any uncertainty.

According to HubSpot, short-form video is the digital marketing trend of 2023 with the highest ROI.

How to remove harmful or defamatory videos from Youtube

If you want Youtube to remove a video that damages your image, you can start a complaint process for breach of privacy. 

How to remove harmful or defamatory videos from Youtube ReputatioUP

The first advice you will receive is to contact the user who uploaded the video and ask him to delete the video from his Youtube channel.

At this point, you will have to make one last effort: arm with holy patience and wait for an answer.

Today Youtube is an online platform where any content creator can publish videos and visual material, as long as:

  • Each creation is completely original;
  • It contains no copyrighted material;
  • The parameters set by the sharing platform are respected. 

Like all social networks, Youtube can become a site where malicious people can post video content with false or defamatory information.

That’s why it is essential to know how to protect your reputation from fake news also through the removal of information from Google and removal of videos from Youtube

delete personal information from google with reputationup 2022

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If you find that another user has uploaded a video with the clear intent to damage your reputation, it is your right to ask Youtube to remove the video from the platform.

However be aware that very often it is not easy to obtain the desired result and, in any case, it will be necessary to wait a long time before having a feedback.

In such cases, the best solution to clean up your online reputation is to contact a someone who is specialized in removing harmful links, Right to be Forgotten and GDPR: ReputationUP can erase any slanderous video from Youtube in 48 hours

To delete a video from Youtube for copyright infringement, simply forward a report to the site by filling out this form and select the item “Copyright infringement”. Complete the next steps and enter all the data you are asked for.

Finally submit your complaint.

How to delete a video from Youtube for copyright infringement reputationup

Remind that copyright is governed by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 in UK, which states:

Copyright is a property right which subsists in the following descriptions of work: original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works, sound recordings, films or broadcasts, and the typographical arrangement of published editions.

How to delete videos from Youtube?

Here is the step-by-step procedure for those who want to know how to delete videos from Youtube:

  1. Send the request of content removal from YouTube
  2. Select the reason of the complaint between:
  • Trademark
  • Counterfeit
  • Online Defamation
  • Other Legal Issues
  • Stored Music Policy
  • Other legal complaint
How to delete videos from Youtube reputationup
  1. Click on continue;
  2. Complete the request form with all data;
  3. Click on send.

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, you can get the removal of a video from the Youtube site, but it is often a useless and tortuous path.

You should also remind that the higher the number of views, the more it will spread throughout the platform.

The same video may have been taken by other accounts: in this case and to ensure there are no traces left, it would be necessary to submit multiple requests, one for each URL.

To make sure you don’t find the incriminated video on the homepage or in the sidebar, follow this procedure, available only to those who already have an active account.

After all, just hover your mouse over the preview of the video and select from the menu at the top right the item “I’m not interested” to delete videos proposed by Youtube.

Delete videos recommended by Youtube reputationup

This way, Youtube will realize that the algorithm does no longer have to be repeated.

Delete videos from Youtube without account

If you are trying to delete videos from Youtube without an account, you should know that this is not possible. To access the report form you will be asked to create an account, otherwise you will not be able to provide the necessary information.

How to delete someone else’s videos from Youtube

To delete a video from a Youtube channel that is not owned by you, Google recommends that you follow this procedure:

  1. Contact the owner and try to find an agreement to remove the content;
  2. Proceed with a report to Youtube by submitting a formal complaint.

The problem is that Google receives millions of requests that, in the vast majority of cases, are simply ignored.

So, if you really want to delete a defamatory video present on a Youtube channel that is not owned by you, we invite you to contact ReputationUP: in less than 48 hours you will get what you want.

google web reputation 2022

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How many reports are needed to delete a video from Youtube?

As an alternative to filling out forms, each registered user can send a report to the Youtube staff, so that they can double-check a certain video that contravenes the platform’s rules. 

To make a report simply:

  1. Click on the three-point menu available from the video title;
  2. Click the “Report” option;
How many reports are needed to delete a video from Youtube reputationup
  1. Select the reason for the signal from the list on the display;
  2. Wait for Youtube staff to take action. 

To date, the Mountain View company has not provided information about a minimum number of reports to be sent for a video to be removed.

But he hinted that the more real alerts a video receives, the higher the chances will be that the operator will consider the request.


In today’s guide we have shown you in detail how to delete Youtube video with damaging or defamatory content in order to protect your online reputation.

In the different paragraphs you have found all the links to the official Youtube reporting forms, through which you can send your request.

We have also explained to you that, in most cases, online defamation reports are not taken over and this results in seriously damaging your privacy.

That’s why having Reputationup and its team at your side, to exercize  the Right to be Forgotten and erase Negative Content from the Web will be the best option to get an immediate and definitive removal of the incriminated video.

how to delete video from youtube 2022

Need help deleting slanderous videos from the web?

ReputationUP guarantees the elimination from the Web in 48 hours of any video that is defamatory to your reputation.

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