2024 United States Presidential Elections: Get to Know the Candidates, Their Proposals, and the Challenges Ahead

The 2024 US Presidential Elections mark a significant political crossroads, as the next 5th of November 2024 will determine who will occupy the presidency in the White House.

We will thoroughly explore the presidential elections, introducing you to the candidates who are competing to lead the nation, analyzing their key proposals, and examining the challenges they face in their pursuit of the presidency.

Furthermore, we will address the critical aspect of these candidates’ online reputation, a factor that plays a significant role in their campaign and public perception.

Join us as we unravel the political landscape of the most anticipated elections in the United States.

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The Contenders for the Presidency

Despite the diversity of presidential aspirants in the 2024 US Presidential Elections, most found themselves overshadowed by two iconic figures who faced off in the 2020 elections: President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

The Contenders for the Presidency ReputationUP

The majority of Republican candidates who challenged Trump withdrew their campaigns before a single vote was cast, and the former president emerged as the clear winner in the early Iowa caucuses.

This success was partly due to the lack of unity among voters around a single alternative, but also to the solid control Trump continues to hold over the party’s base.

On the other hand, in the Democratic camp, Joe Biden continued to dominate the contest, consolidating his position as the candidate to beat.

In this political context, the online reputation of each candidate has played an essential role in their ability to gain the support and trust of voters.

In the digital age we live in, a candidate’s online presence has become a window into their personality, integrity, and competence.

Social media, campaign websites, and political marketing are powerful tools that allow candidates to reach voters directly and share their ideas, achievements, and plans for the future.

Next, we will introduce you to the presidential candidates, explore their political proposals, and analyze the challenges they face in their quest for the presidency.

Joe Biden: The Challenge of Reelection

Joe Biden: The Challenge of Reelection

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, marked the beginning of his path to reelection on Friday, January 6th, a date that coincided with the third anniversary of the riots at the Capitol led by supporters of then-President Trump, a day that left a tragic toll of at least nine people dead.

Biden’s speech at this crucial moment focused on the January 6th, 2021, assault on the Capitol and its profound implications for the nation.

In a bold and decisive move, President Joe Biden did not wait to fully enter the political fray.

He did so with an optimistic message, releasing a video in which he asserts with determination that he can beat Trump at the polls again.

Joe Biden: The Challenge of Reelection
guie ReputationUP

Key Proposals of Joe Biden in His Reelection Campaign

The following proposals were compiled from the official website of the President of the United States.

1. Tax Reform: Joe Biden is pushing for a tax reform that establishes a minimum tax of 25% for the wealthiest Americans.

This measure would affect not only income but also unrealized capital gains, aiming to increase equity in the tax system.

2. Social Services and Health Care: in his agenda, Biden proposes two years of free tuition at community colleges, a universal preschool program, and capping the cost of childcare at 7% of income for most families.

These measures seek to improve access to education and healthcare.

3. Gun Control: as part of his efforts to address public safety, Joe Biden has signed legislation aimed at helping authorities keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and other dangerous individuals, with the goal of reducing gun violence.

4. Immigration Reform: President Biden proposes an approach that would allow people who are in the United States illegally to apply for legal status and, in the long term, citizenship.

He also advocates for a more efficient and expanded visa process, especially for foreign graduates of American universities.

5. Fighting Climate Change: Joe Biden has placed a strong emphasis on combating global warming.

His Inflation Reduction Act allocates nearly 375 billion dollars to address climate change, focusing on financial incentives for electric vehicles, clean energy, and other initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

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Biden’s Challenges

In the 2024 US presidential elections, President Joe Biden faces a series of challenges in his quest for reelection, including a number of critical political issues and managing his online reputation in an increasingly digital world.

  • Polls and popularity: despite his extensive political experience, Biden is trailing his opponent Trump in the polls.
  • Questions about his health and age: at 81 years old, Biden faces questions about his health and age.

Managing his physical and mental well-being will be crucial to dispel any concerns in this regard.

  • Cost of living and economic pressures: with the rising cost of living, voters expect effective solutions to address the economic and social problems they face.

Biden must find adequate answers to win the population’s trust.

  • Challenges in immigration: his proposal to allow people in the United States illegally to apply for legal status and eventual citizenship has sparked political debates.

Managing this issue, especially in terms of border security, will be critical.

  • Foreign policy and international relations: Biden faces tensions in international affairs, including wars in Ukraine and Gaza, as well as complex relations with China.

Marianne Williamson: From Bestselling Author to Political Figure

Marianne Williamson: From Bestselling Author to Political Figure ReputationUP

Marianne Williamson is a multifaceted figure ranging from bestselling author to political activist and spiritual thought leader.

Her rise to prominence began with the impact of her influential literary work, ‘A Return to Love,’ which quickly rose to the status of a New York Times bestseller after appearing on Oprah Winfrey’s influential talk show.

Not content with leaving a mark only in the world of literature, Williamson entered the political arena in 2014 by running as an independent candidate to represent California’s 33rd Congressional District.

However, it was her bold foray into national politics in 2020 that catapulted her into the country’s attention.

On February 26, 2023, Marianne Williamson wrote her name in political history by becoming the first person to challenge President Joe Biden, in the 2024 US presidential elections, as she determinedly announced her presidential campaign for that year.


The following proposals were compiled from the official website of the presidential candidate.

  • Immigration: Williamson asserts that ‘immigrants are not our enemies.’

Her proposal focuses on supporting comprehensive immigration reform that provides a timely, ethical, transparent, and straightforward path to citizenship for all immigrants who have not violated any serious laws of the country and reside in the United States.

  • Health Care: she goes beyond the debate on how to pay for health care and focuses on how to provide greater health opportunities.

Williamson recognizes that healthcare is a fundamental right and seeks to address the needs of all Americans.

  • Education: she takes a firm commitment to education, proclaiming that ‘All public schools in the United States should be palaces of learning, culture, and arts.’
  • Gun Control: she commits to regulating gun sales, aware that gun violence is the leading cause of death among American children.
  • Climate Change: recognizing the urgency of the climate crisis, Williamson commits to leading large-scale mobilization efforts, similar to those undertaken by the United States during World War II.

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Marianne Williamson’s Challenges: Facing Biden and a Consolidated Rival

Marianne Williamson, known for her work in the self-help field and whose 2020 presidential campaign was characterized by her extravagant calls for spiritual healing, has once again made a bold bid for the presidency.

This time, she became the first Democrat to formally challenge President Joe Biden for the for the nomination in the 2024 US presidential elections.

The challenge facing Williamson is formidable, as she must confront both the incumbent president, Joe Biden, and another heavyweight rival, former President Donald Trump.

To achieve her goal of securing the Democratic presidential nomination, she must overcome considerable obstacles and earn the trust of voters, analyze sentiment towards her campaign and proposals, and create a highly competitive political landscape.

Her ability to mobilize solid support among Democrats, present compelling proposals, and highlight her unique vision in a diverse field of candidates will be crucial to overcome this challenge.

Furthermore, she must address potential skepticism stemming from her previous foray into politics and highlight her suitability to lead the nation in critical times.

Dean Phillips: Businessman and Democratic Politician with a Vision for Change

Dean Phillips: Businessman and Democratic Politician with a Vision for Change ReputationUP

Dean Phillips, a member of the Democratic Party and successful businessman, has held his position in the House of Representatives since 2019.

His election led him to represent Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District, a suburban area that had long been under Republican influence, until Phillips won in 2018.

This prominent Democrat, although facing a challenging scenario, continues his campaign motivated by his belief in the possibility of a hypothetical rematch between former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden.

Phillips presents himself as a viable option in an ever-changing political landscape, driven by his commitment to change and his vision for the future of his district and the country.

Through his business experience and political commitment, Dean Phillips seeks to address the challenges facing his district and contribute to building a more promising future.


The following proposals were compiled from the official website of the presidential candidate.

  • Immigration: Phillips has made his support for immigration clear, as he himself is an immigrant.

His personal experience has given him a unique perspective on the importance of providing opportunities to those seeking a better future in the United States.

  • Health: he proposes the development of a health insurance program that offers comprehensive and free medical coverage to all American citizens.

Phillips asserts that quality health care is a fundamental right that should be guaranteed for everyone.

  • Education: he commits to ensuring that all children receive top-tier public education, regardless of their background or economic situation.
  • Gun Control: Phillips has been part of legislation focused on preventing gun violence and is committed to continuing this fight.

Environment and Climate Change: he gives the utmost priority to the environment, considering it a strength of the economy.

His approach focuses on promoting sustainable practices and addressing climate change to protect the natural environment and ensure a healthier future for coming generations.

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Dean Phillips’ Challenges: Overcoming Financial and Recognition Barriers

Dean Phillips faces significant challenges in his quest to maintain competitiveness, recognition, and digital reputation in the presidential race.

One of the key obstacles he faces is the need to raise millions of dollars to overcome a lack of name recognition among the electorate.

Although he has pledged not to accept money from lobbyists, he has found it challenging to attract the interest of traditional big Democratic donors.

To address this financial challenge, Dean Phillips took a bold step in early November by loaning 2 million dollars from his own fortune to his campaign.

This decision underscores his commitment to his candidacy and his determination to compete.

Name recognition and funding are crucial elements in modern politics, and Phillips faces the task of building a solid support base and attracting the financial backing necessary to sustain his campaign.

His ability to mobilize voters, attract donors, and establish his presence on the political stage will be fundamental to overcoming these challenges in the 2024 US presidential elections.

Donald Trump: The Return that Shakes American Politics

Donald Trump: The Return that Shakes American Politics ReputationUP

Following his sweeping victory in the Iowa caucus on January 16th, where Donald Trump consolidated his position, the American polling firm YouGov America conducted a crucial poll:

Who is shaping up to be the most likely Republican candidate in the 2024 US presidential elections?

Donald Trump: The Return that Shakes American Politics  YouGov America ReputationUP

According to the results from this polling firm, Trump leads with an impressive 64% likelihood of being the Republican Party’s candidate.

He is closely followed by figures like Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis, each with 7% support.

In an extensive speech delivered to his supporters in Newton, Trump did not delve into the events of January 6th, 2021, when his followers stormed the Congress building.

However, during his speech, he described those who are jailed due to their involvement in those events as ‘hostages’ and promised that, if elected, he will grant pardons to many of these individuals.

These polling figures suggest that Trump continues to be an influential and dominant figure in the Republican Party, raising interesting questions about his political future and his potential candidacy in the 2024 US presidential elections.

Donald Trump’s Proposals: Immigration Policy, Foreign Policy, and More

The following proposals were compiled from the official website of the presidential candidate.

  • Immigration: Trump commits to ending illegal immigration in the United States.

As part of this plan, he proposes ordering the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement to conduct the largest internal deportation operation in the country’s history.

This policy aims to strengthen border security and address immigration-related issues.

  • Foreign Policy: Trump claims that even before taking office, he will resolve the war between Russia and Ukraine.

This ambitious statement points to his vision for foreign policy and the resolution of international conflicts.

  • Transgender Rights: he advocates for an approach that recognizes ‘only two genders,’ determined at birth, and intends to ask Congress to pass a bill accordingly.
  • Energy: Aims for the United States to have the cheapest energy and electricity compared to any other nation in the world, including China.

Education: while Trump has expressed his intention to disband the Department of Education, he also seeks to exert significant influence over local school districts and universities.

His approach focuses on decentralization and local decision-making in education.

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Challenges of Donald Trump

In the 2024 US presidential elections, the former President, Donald Trump, faces a series of significant reputational damage challenges for his possible return to the presidency in 2024. These challenges include:

  • Criminal and Civil Trials: Trump faces the prospect of up to four criminal trials and at least two civil trials in 2024.

The need to be present in the courtroom for the criminal cases represents a significant obstacle in his schedule and could distract his attention from the presidential campaign.

  • Controversial Rhetoric: in recent weeks, Trump has employed controversial rhetoric by describing his opponents as ‘vermin’ and making contentious comments about immigrants, which could create divisions and polarization among the electorate.
  • International Relations: Trump’s praiseful statements towards Russian President Vladimir Putin and his desire to be a ‘dictator’ in terms of border security and energy production pose challenges in terms of international relations and the perception of his leadership on the global stage.

These challenges represent a significant part of the political landscape in which Trump is immersed as he considers his presidential candidacy.

The resolution of these challenges, as well as his ability to overcome them, will be crucial factors in his potential return to national politics.

Nikki Haley: A Rising Figure in Presidential Speculation

Nikki Haley: A Rising Figure in Presidential Speculation ReputationUP

Nikki Haley is currently in the spotlight as one of the standout figures who could play a crucial role in the upcoming presidential elections.

She has received backing from various groups who see her as a promising candidate for the party.

In 2016, during his presidency, Donald Trump selected then-Governor Haley to serve as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

During her diplomatic tenure, she played an influential role in international politics and was part of the presidential cabinet, as well as the National Security Council.

Nikki Haley’s Proposals: Addressing Key Issues

The following proposals were compiled from the official website of the presidential candidate.

  • Immigration: Haley aims to address illegal immigration, proposing measures such as deportation and fiscal regulations.

Her focus on this issue seeks to reform the immigration system and ensure compliance with the laws.

  • Health: She acknowledges the concern over the high costs of health care in the United States and affirms her commitment to addressing this issue as president.

The goal is to find solutions to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for all Americans.

  • Environment: the candidate aspires for the United States to become a leader in energy and not be subject to the rules of other nations.

This focus on energy seeks to ensure that the interests and energy independence of the United States are prioritized.

  • Education: Nikki Haley gives priority to education, emphasizing the right of parents to decide on their children’s education.

Her focus is on literacy and granting parents the ability to choose the best educational option for their children.

  • Right to Bear Arms: Haley supports the legal right of citizens to bear arms, reflecting her stance on the Second Amendment.

Ryan Binkley: a businessman and spiritual leader on the political scene

Ryan Binkley: a businessman and spiritual leader on the political scene ReputationUP

Ryan Binkley serves as the President, CEO, and Co-Founder of Generational Equity Group, a well-reputed corporate advisory firm based in Texas.

Before founding Generational in 2006, Binkley gained work experience at Procter & Gamble and Boston Scientific Corporation, providing him with a solid foundation in the business world.

In addition to his successful business career, Ryan Binkley is also the co-founder and lead pastor of Create Church, a congregation based in Richardson, Texas.

His leadership in both the business and religious realms gives him a unique perspective that could influence his foray into politics.


The following proposals were compiled from the official website of the presidential candidate.

  • Immigration: Binkley proposes the creation of the Dignity Program, which offers undocumented immigrants the opportunity to obtain legal status if they meet certain requirements.

His approach aims to address the issue of immigration in a humanitarian and criteria-based manner.

  • Health: the candidate is committed to controlling inflation in the healthcare system, improving transparency, and fostering competition in the sector.

Moreover, he seeks to empower patients and expand their options in healthcare.

  • Abortion: Binkley has expressed his pro-life stance and opposition to abortion, stating that ‘every life matters.’ His approach on this issue reflects his commitment to pro-life values.
  • Economy: the candidate intends to control government spending and end excessive government borrowing.

The goal is to stimulate economic growth in the United States and preserve the role of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

  • Federalism: Binkley advocates for the reduction of unnecessary expenditures and reaffirms the importance of federalism.

This position is based on the idea that not all issues should be federalized and that the autonomy of the states should be respected, in line with the vision of the country’s founders.

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Challenges Faced by Ryan Binkley in His Presidential Candidacy

Ryan Binkley’s candidacy has remained a long shot in the presidential race, falling considerably behind the leading figures in the contest. 

The main challenge is:

  • Competition with Leading Figures: Binkley finds himself in a challenging position competing with high-profile political figures such as former President Donald Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

This competition with established leaders in the political arena could hinder his progress in the 2024 US presidential elections race.

Ron DeSantis: An Emerging Figure in American Conservatism

Ron DeSantis: An Emerging Figure in American Conservatism ReputationUP

Ron DeSantis has emerged as a prominent figure in the American conservative movement in recent years.

His prominent role has been solidified as he has held the position of Governor of Florida, where he was reelected last year by the largest margin in 40 years, with an impressive 19%, according to Politico.

Since taking office, DeSantis’ impact on Florida’s politics has been notable thanks to his effective strategies for advanced online reputation management.

More than 155,000 people have registered their affiliation as Republicans in the state, underlining the influence and appeal he has exerted as a conservative leader.


The following proposals were compiled from the official website of the presidential candidate.

  • Immigration: DeSantis firmly positions himself against illegal immigration and argues that this practice has negatively impacted the wages of the American working class.

His approach seeks to address this issue from an economic and labor perspective.

  • Health: the candidate acknowledges the high costs of healthcare and advocates for holding large insurers and governments accountable in this matter.

His proposal focuses on ensuring a more accessible and affordable healthcare system for all Americans.

  • Education: DeSantis aims to protect the interests of parents regarding the education of their children.

He seeks to reform accreditation processes and channel funding towards programs and institutions that prepare students for the jobs of the future.

  • Environment: the candidate commits to restoring the United States’ energy dominance, preserving the national automotive industry, and prioritizing evidence over ideology in environmental policies.

His approach is to balance environmental protection with economic development.

  • Abortion: Ron DeSantis openly declares his pro-life stance, supporting life from its beginning.

Challenges Faced by Ron DeSantis in His Presidential Run

The current challenges come at a critical time during the Republican Party’s primary campaign.

In this context, Donald Trump comfortably leads the polls both nationally and statewide, which has generated a growing perception that his candidacy might be unbeatable.

However, voters inclined towards new political perspectives may be considering moving on from Trump.

In this sense, some are finding the figure of Nikki Haley increasingly convincing as a viable alternative in the 2024 US presidential elections contest.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: An Independent Candidacy That Sparks Debate

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: An Independent Candidacy That Sparks Debate ReputationUP

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., known for his anti-vaccine activism and commitment as an environmental lawyer, presents himself as a man who stands out for speaking the truth and promises to end division in the country.

However, his independent run for the White House has not been without controversy.

Republicans have directed their criticism towards Kennedy Jr. upon launching his candidacy, evidencing the growing concern of the right that this former Democrat could pose a threat by taking votes away from the party.


The following proposals were compiled from the official website of the presidential candidate.

  • Immigration: Kennedy Jr. commits to ending the humanitarian crisis, starting by addressing its most immediate cause: a border he considers uncontrolled.

His administration will seek to seal the border to stop illegal immigration, while working on longer-term reforms to sustainably curb it.

  • Middle Class: one of his promises is the restoration of the middle class, reversing the errors he believes have accumulated over the past 50 years.
  • Economy: Kennedy Jr. proposes an increase in the minimum wage to the level of 1967, as well as reducing housing costs.
  • Peace: on his website, he states that the strength of a nation does not lie in its armies.

He points out that the United States spends more on armaments than the next nine countries combined, and argues that the country has weakened rather than strengthened in recent decades.

  • Housing: Kennedy Jr. proposes the issuance of government-backed 3% tax-free mortgage bonds as part of his focus on housing.

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Challenges of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Criticism and Controversies

The candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has not been without criticism and controversy.

The Republican National Committee has published an information sheet titled ‘Radical DEMOCRAT RFK Jr.’ ahead of one of Kennedy’s speeches.

This document lists the occasions on which he has supported liberal politicians or ideas.

Furthermore, it highlights his endorsements of conspiracy theories related to COVID-19 and claims of stolen elections.

The presidential aspirant must manage a reputational crisis to achieve a positive standing among citizens.

Cornel West: An Independent Candidate with a Message of Popular Empowerment ReputationUP

The progressive activist and academic, Cornel West, made the decision to end his candidacy for the presidency under the Green Party banner on October 5th, opting instead to run as an independent.

In a written statement, West explained his choice, stating that he sought to ‘end the iron grip of the ruling class and ensure true democracy.’

He emphasized the need to break free from the claws of the political duopoly and return power to the people.”

Propuestas de Cornel West: un enfoque en la transformación y la justicia social

The following proposals were compiled from the official website of the presidential candidate.

  • Immigration: West advocates for a radical transformation of immigration policies, aiming to create a broad and legal pathway for residency for those seeking to settle in the United States.
  • Health: his proposal includes the implementation of a free healthcare system and the codification of the right to abortion as a constitutional mandate.
  • Environment: West is committed to pushing for a ‘Green Reconstruction’ and recognizes the urgency of declaring a climate emergency to address environmental challenges.
  • Education: he seeks to reduce the influence of charter schools and protect public education institutions.

He proposes free tuition for higher education and a minimum salary of $80,000 for public school teachers.

  • Arms: West proposes the creation of a national gun registry database encompassing all civilians.

Cornel West’s Challenges: A Controversial Political Record

Cornel West has had a political history that has generated controversy and challenges for his presidential candidacy.

Although he supported Barack Obama in the 2008 elections, his support transformed into vehement criticisms that extended far beyond Obama’s political decisions.

In the 2016 elections, he chose to back Jill Stein, demonstrating a flexibility in his political alliances that has puzzled many observers.

His relationship with political parties seems to be very changeable.

These shifts in loyalty have caused discomfort among Democrats, who fear that West’s campaign might draw away a decisive number of voters from Biden in the 2024 US presidential elections.

Jill Stein: Claims to Be a New Bet in a Broken System

Jill Stein: Claims to Be a New Bet in a Broken System ReputationUP

Jill Stein, the prominent 73-year-old environmental activist, has launched a new and daring presidential bid.

Stein already ran as the Green Party candidate in 2016, competing against Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, and managed to get about 1% of the national vote.

Her candidacy was the subject of controversy, with some Democrats arguing that she diverted votes from Clinton and contributed to Trump’s victory, especially in states like Wisconsin.

Jill Stein: Proposals for a Future Change

The following proposals were compiled from the official website of the presidential candidate.

  • Economy: Stein commits to fighting for an economy that benefits everyone, not just the wealthiest and most powerful.

Her approach is to address the growing economic inequality and work towards a more equitable distribution of wealth and resources.

  • Environment: the candidate emphasizes the need for decisive action to combat uncontrolled global warming and prevent the worst scenario: climate collapse.

She advocates for strong environmental policies and a transition towards sustainable energy sources.

  • Equality: Stein is committed to ending the shameful legacy of systemic discrimination against women, Black and people of color, indigenous peoples, immigrants, and other marginalized groups.

Stein seeks to promote equal rights and opportunities for all citizens.

  • Human Rights: the candidate aims to end wars and promote a new foreign policy based on diplomacy and international cooperation instead of military confrontation.

She advocates for the respect of human rights worldwide.

Democracy: Stein highlights the importance of reforming the political system to empower the people.

This includes ensuring truly free and fair elections, as she considers the freedom of choice at the ballot box to be fundamental to the functioning of democracy.


After analyzing the potential candidates for the 2024 US presidential elections in the United States, various perspectives and approaches are revealed that reflect the richness of democracy in this country.

These political leaders, both seasoned and emerging, present an opportunity for citizens to reflect and make informed decisions about the future of the nation.

Voters have the responsibility to carefully evaluate the proposals, backgrounds, and online reputations of each candidate.

The digital age has transformed politics, and public perception is often shaped through online platforms and social media, and the reputation of the candidates will play a significant role in their ability to gain the trust of voters.

Democracy thrives on the diversity of opinions and civic participation, and it is the voice of the people that will define the future of the nation.

In this context, consider these key reflections:

  • The diversity of candidates reflects the richness of democracy in the United States.
  • Online reputation will play a crucial role in the public perception of the candidates.
  • The 2024 US presidential elections will mark a decisive moment in the history of the nation.
  • Active participation in the electoral process is essential to strengthen democracy.

In this digital era, political marketing has become a fundamental pillar for the success of any electoral campaign. Traditional posters and rallies are no longer enough; nowadays, a well-executed online strategy is key.

With the growing influence of social media, online reputation has become a crucial aspect to gain voters’ trust.

How can one ensure that a campaign in the 2024 US presidential elections has a positive and lasting impact? At ReputationUP, we understand the importance of a strong and positive online presence.

Contact us to discover how we can help build and maintain a solid digital reputation that drives a campaign towards success.

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