Email marketing: What it is, Tools and How to Connect With Your Audience

What is email marketing, and how to connect with your audience? Learn how to analyze the results and the best tools and templates.

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of direct electronic marketing that uses the mail to send advertisements and other messages to a list of people called subscribers.

It is a digital tool that is used as an opportunity to improve corporate reputation and connect with customers.

It can be implemented in the pre-sale phase, during the sale, and after the sale.

The following data confirms the rise of email marketing and companies’ growth.

In 2020, the global email marketing market was valued at $7.5 billion, and Statista projected that figure to rise to $17.9 billion by 2027.

What is email marketing ReputationUP

The compound annual growth rate for that period is expected to rise to 13.3%.

Email marketing features

The most common characteristics of email marketing are:

  • Creation and segmentation of email lists;
  • Personalization to control the content you want to share;
  • Text editing (Text editor), through innumerable templates, to edit and adapt the message to be transmitted;
  • Ease of continuing contact with customers;
  • The adaptability of the email web format;
  • More excellent economy than other marketing modalities, such as the metaverse or the creation and management of events;
  • Daily goal maintenance;
  • Customer lead scoring, assigning a score based on their interest in your emails;
  • Monitoring metrics such as Return On Investment (ROI), click rate, and open rate.

Litmus email marketing software calculates the following average cost of email marketing:

Email generates an ROI of $36 for every dollar spent.

Email marketing features ReputationUP

The goal is to engage with customers meaningfully and stand out from the competition.

Essential elements that makeup email marketing

Many elements make up an email marketing campaign.

The most important are the following:

  • Structure: subject line, header, email footer, body or CTA;
  • Process: planning of emails such as campaign selection and periodicity;
  • Calendar: organization and schedule of emails;
  • Statistics: measures the success or participation rates between different variables.

These elements are important for an effective email marketing campaign to succeed.

Basic skills of email marketing

An email campaign aims to engage the customer with a timely and relevant message that encourages them to take the desired action.

Email marketing allows you to reach your customers through their inboxes.

There are many types of email marketing campaigns, but they all require a planned process, including a calendar.

Email marketing is a tool not only used by private companies but also by government agencies.

The Mailchimp platform indicates that the average opening rate in the political sector is 22.94%, and the click rate is 2.37%.

These data exceed industries such as beauty, electronic devices, or construction.

Basic skills of email marketing ReputationUP

In the political area, sending emails is a new way for a successful political campaign.

Why is email marketing important?

There are many benefits of using email marketing in business:

  • Provides an inexpensive way to reach customers;
  • It allows marketers to build relationships with their clients: this generates a good image and digital reputation;
  • It can provide more accurate data than other forms of advertising.

The goal of email marketing can range from increasing customer loyalty to driving traffic or increasing sales conversion rates.

ReputationUP can help you start your email marketing and lead generation strategy to improve your online reputation.

Pros and cons of email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to build customer relationships in a profitable, efficient and cheap way.

But it also has its drawbacks. There are spam filters to deal with, unsubscribe requests, and the challenge of subscribers ignoring or deleting the email.

How to apply email marketing?

The process of an email campaign begins with a strategy.

This is when you determine your goals and what kind of content you want to include in your emails.

Once you have a plan, it’s time to create the right content for your emails.

This includes setting goals and tracking metrics to analyze later how effective the strategy was.

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To establish objectives

What are you trying to achieve with your email marketing? Do you want more clients? More sales? Defining your objectives will help you determine what type of messages and content you should use in your campaign.

Subscriber attraction

You can do this by advertising your email newsletters on social media or display ads on other websites.

You can also use pop-ups on your website or blog posts asking visitors for their email addresses when they leave your site.

Once you have an audience, you want to ensure you send them content they will want to read and guide them through the sales funnel from awareness to conversion.

Invest your time and effort into creating a quality body of copy (text, audio, CTA, subject line).

Our team, made up of professionals from 26 countries, can help you achieve a high conversion rate in your email marketing campaign.

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Create a template

This template can be used for all future campaigns and can be customized.

You must include the sender’s name, the subject, the body of the message, the call to action button, and other relevant information.

The success of an email campaign largely depends on the quality of the content, as well as how efficiently you utitlize an email verifier to ensure that you are only reaching out to the most qualified prospects.

It should be relevant and engaging enough to encourage readers to take action.

This action can be anything from subscribing to a newsletter to clicking a link in the email for online purchases.

There are different email templates, but you must create one that suits your business needs and the expectations of your audience.

As seen in the following image, the platforms classify the templates by theme to make selecting one easier and more intuitive to choose one and edit it.

Create a template ReputationUP

Frequency planning

The frequency of emails being sent has a direct impact on the success of your email campaign.

The frequency of emails can be classified into daily, weekly, and monthly.

Daily emails are usually sent in the morning so they can be opened at work or midday.

Identify the metrics

What data to measure to improve statistics in subsequent emails?

The following metrics can be analyzed:

  • Number of emails sent and opened by users;
  • Number of clicks on the links included in the email;
  • How many people have signed up for the company’s email marketing;
  • The conversion rate for each type of campaign.

This can be tracked using an email marketing platform that provides reports on these statistics, such as Mailchimp or AWeber.

In the following sections, you will learn the metrics and best email marketing tools in detail.

ReputationUP, a leading online reputation company, is an expert in data analysis and statistics, such as lead generation and conversion rate.

increase turnover with reputationup 2022

Do you want to grow your brand’s online reputation?

97% of entrepreneurs say online reputation management is the main key to success for their business

Drop out

There are many reasons why someone would want to unsubscribe.

They may not open emails or have too much competition in your industry.

Whatever the reason, it’s crucial to have a strategy to help run this process smoothly.

Thus, the consent of the users must be obtained in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How to connect with your audience?

To connect with your audience, you can apply the following tips:

  • Add value to the content;
  • Personalize the content, segmenting the audience;
  • Welcome new users;
  • Listen to your subscribers.

Through these guidelines, you will be able to increase your database effectively.

What are the types of email marketing?

Email marketing offers powerful potential in terms of segmentation.

The typology is explained below.

Occasional emails

Occasional emails are sent to the customer on a specific occasion.

They are usually sent for a specific purpose, for example, when the customer has made a purchase or a date, such as a birthday.

They can also be used as a form of the advertising campaign.

Occasional emails ReputationUP

Email marketing newsletter

A newsletter is a type of digital advertising sent to subscribers via email.

Newsletters are often written conversationally and include interesting articles, videos, images, and links.

The newsletter submission process begins with an idea for content: a blog post, an internet article, or your original content.

Once you have the content, you must put it into an email template that includes HTML tags and CSS styles.

Emailmarketing newsletter ReputationUP
how to manage and improve yourr online business reputation 2022

Need help managing and improving your online reputation?

60% of users say they don’t trust people or businesses who receive negative comments or reviews

Welcome email marketing

A welcome email is one that a company sends to its new customers.

It is addressed to the user shortly after they have purchased from the company and, in general, includes information about the product or service that has been purchased and other content.

These emails are often sent to ensure that customers know the benefits of being a subscriber to this company.

The goal is to ensure new customers feel welcome in this company’s ecosystem and keep them engaged with the brand.

Welcome email marketing ReputationUP

How to make an email marketing campaign step by step?

The email marketing campaign is developed through the following steps:

  1. Set some goals:

    Any email marketing campaign aims to drive conversions, which can be measured through people buying a product or signing up for a mailing list.

  2. Choose tool:

    Among all the available platforms, choose the tool that best suits the objective you want to achieve.

  3. Select the email list:

    It is one of the essential parts of the campaign because it allows you to target your customers and segment them according to their interests.

  4. Choose the type of campaign you want to use:

    Marketing campaigns can be configured based on what you want to achieve.
    For example, generating leads, selling a product or service, or increasing customer loyalty.

  5. Design template:

    Create the email marketing design, which must include the brand logo.
    Here you decide the size of the mail, the colors, and other graphic aspects.

  6. Prepare the content:

    Write the body of the text and title and decide if an image, video, or CTA will accompany it.
    Likewise, write the object of the email.

  7. Select day and time:

    Schedule the day and time of the email, considering the best time for your company.

  8. Send the email:

    At this point, you have to click send and select the option to forward the email to those users who have not opened the email.

  9. Analyze the data:

    Measure the statistics offered by the platform to know the degree of effectiveness of the campaign.

You must understand email marketing as a tool to increase income and sell your image.

Email marketing is part of one of the phases of online reputation management: improvement.

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Email marketing templates: examples

Email marketing templates are considered one of the essential parts of the campaign because they are the first thing the user sees.

The template should be eye-catching and easy to read, just like any other form of advertising.

The following image shows the difference between an attractive email and one that falls into the spam folder due to its errors.

Email marketing templates ReputationUP

First, the images do not load, and the mail elements do not have a logical order.

On the other hand, the Netflix email has little text, a CTA, and eye-catching and topical images.

What is one benefit of using templates for your email marketing campaigns?

Email templates are a cost-effective way to create and manage email marketing campaigns.

Small and large organizations use them to increase their conversion rates with the help of a pre-built template.

They can be used for different purposes and in other industries since they all have the same goal: effectiveness through design and impact.

What is one benefit of using templates for your email marketing campaigns ReputationUP

How to analyze your email marketing results?

To analyze the results, the following metrics must be taken into account:

  • The open rate: according to SendPulse, this term is used to indicate how many commercial emails were opened within an email marketing campaign;
  • Click Through Rate (CTR): Benchmark defines it as the ratio of people who click on a link in your email to the number of people who viewed it;
  • Cancellation of subscription: possibility that the subscriber has to unsubscribe from the system and not receive any more emails from the said company;
  • Email bounce: The Constant Contact platform reports that the average bounce rate is 9.96% across all industries;
How to analyze your email marketing results ReputationUP (1)
  • Conversion rates: Google defines this concept as the average number of conversions generated by the interactions an ad receives;
  • Revenue per email sent;
  • ROI: is the data that compares the benefit of email marketing concerning the investment made;
  • Customer lifetime value: revenue that a company can earn from a customer, also in the future.

The first step in analyzing these metrics is to set goals.

How to improve the results of your emails?

This section offers some tips on how to improve the results of your emails:

  • Personalize the emails with the subscriber’s name;
  • Make sure you send relevant content to your users;
  • Use a clear and concise subject line;
  • Include an image or video to drive engagement;
  • Create a sense of urgency for the recipient with a limited-time offer or discount;
  • Send more than one email per week and try different days of the week for best results.

Although the choice of the day also depends on the type of recipient, there is data that helps to select the best option.

How to improve the results of your emails ReputationUP

According to the Campaign Monitor platform, the day with the highest opening rate is Monday (22%).

On the other hand, the day with the highest click rates is Tuesday (2.4%).

Why should you use email marketing in your marketing strategy?

Email marketing is a great way to reach your current and potential customers.

It is a profitable and efficient way to interact with the audience.

It is also inexpensive and easy to measure results.

If you need professional help with your strategy, contact ReputationUP, a leading company in online reputation, privacy, and image.

Other direct marketing strategies

Email marketing can be complemented with other direct marketing strategies such as:

  • Social media marketing: use of social networks as a marketing tool to reach customers;
  • Email: more directly, it is used to promote the products and services of a company;
  • Flyer: it is a brochure with a size of half a page, which includes an advertising message. It can be physical but also digital;
  • Door-to-door: a marketing strategy that consists of receiving advertising right at the door of the house;
  • Event management: event management related to the brand.

Usually, companies carry out the complementation of several of these strategies to meet their objectives.

What is the most common mistake when doing email marketing?

The lack of knowledge of the following factors is what leads to mistakes in email marketing:

  • Properly segment the audience before sending emails;
  • Know what your objective is before starting the campaign;
  • Have enough information about your target audience;
  • Follow your contacts and their interests.

Missing these factors leads, in most cases, to your email being marked as spam.

According to Email Tool Tester, 15.8% of emails are lost or detected by spam filters.

What is the most common mistake when doing email marketing ReputationUP

What are the best email marketing tools?

The best email marketing platform is the one that adapts to your needs.

When choosing email marketing software for your business, there are many factors to consider.


Mailchimp is a popular email marketing software for businesses.

It is one of the most popular platforms in the world.

This tool has grown from a simple idea to a service that has helped companies send millions of emails to their customers.


Sendinblue is a cloud-based email marketing software that helps businesses and professionals create, send, and track email campaigns.

With Sendinblue, you can design emails with easy templates, schedule them in advance, or perform real-time analysis of open and click rates.


SendPulse is an email marketing service that can help increase your audience engagement.

The service offers a variety of core competencies that make it easy to create and manage campaigns.

The dashboard lets you view open rates, clicks, bounce rates, unsubscribes, etc.

You can also set up automatic emails to be sent at specific intervals during the campaign or even after it has ended.


ActiveCampaign is a customer engagement and marketing automation platform that helps businesses create and manage campaigns.

Offer other tools:

  • Social media marketing: Manage social media posts and monitor brand reputation;
  • Generation of leads: by sending emails or text messages;
  • Webinars: Offer pre-built templates, or they can be created from scratch.

The platform is designed to help marketers spend less time on repetitive tasks to focus on the big picture.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a company that provides an online platform for small and medium-sized businesses to create and send email marketing, event management, and social media campaigns.


Getresponse is an email marketing service that helps businesses and entrepreneurs grow their business by giving them the tools they need to create and send emails.

increase turnover with reputationup 2022

Do you want to grow your brand’s online reputation?

97% of entrepreneurs say online reputation management is the main key to success for their business


Hubspot is a platform that provides inbound sales and marketing solutions.

It enables marketers to create, publish, and optimize content for their websites, blogs, social media channels, and other digital properties.


Salesforce is customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help businesses manage their customers and improve their sales.


Marketo is a complete marketing automation platform that helps businesses manage customer interactions.

Provides various analytics tools to help marketers optimize their campaigns based on data insights, such as lead scoring.

Marketo is considered one of the leaders in this market when it comes to providing features for marketers to execute their campaigns with maximum efficiency.


Mautic is marketing automation software that helps businesses organize and automate their marketing efforts.

The platform has three main modules: marketing automation, CRM, and eCommerce.

The marketing automation module has the following features:

  • Junk mail;
  • Lead tracking;
  • Integration of web form and social networks;
  • Campaign administration.

The CRM module includes account management under development.


SendGrid is a cloud-based email delivery service that provides developers and business professionals with an easy and reliable way to send an email.

The platform offers a scalable solution for sending, receiving, tracking, and managing emails.

It can be used to send email newsletters, marketing campaigns, event notifications, product updates, or any other type of content.


Aweber is one of the most popular email marketing service providers.

It helps companies grow and maintain relationships with their customers.

It allows users to manage their email campaigns, track their results, and measure the success of their strategies.

The following section explains two marketing figures who have focused their professional career on marketing and its ramifications. 

Anik Singal

Anik Singal is an entrepreneur, speaker, and founder of three companies that have collectively reached over 100 million customers: CrazyEgg, HotJar, and SumoMe.

The first two are online tools for website owners to analyze their visitors’ behavior.

SumoMe offers an easy way for bloggers to grow their email list through various tools.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is an entrepreneur with a lot of experience in digital marketing.

He has helped companies like Amazon, GM, and NBC with their digital marketing needs. He is also the founder of, one of the most popular blogs for entrepreneurs and marketers.

Is an expert in conversion rate optimization and wrote a book called The Quick Win: How to Optimize Your Conversion Rate.


Through this guide, you have discovered how to run an email marketing campaign and connect with your audience.

From this article, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • Worldwide email marketing revenue to reach $17.9 billion in 2027;
  • Email marketing is characterized by its segmentation, personalization, and ease of extracting statistics;
  • The purpose of a campaign is to engage the customer with a timely and relevant message that encourages them to take the desired action;
  • The application of email marketing begins with the setting of objectives, the attraction of subscribers, frequency planning, and identification of metrics;
  • The opening and click rates are some parameters for analyzing the campaigns.

The goal of email marketing can range from increasing customer loyalty to driving traffic or increasing sales conversion rates.

ReputationUP can advise you on each step of email marketing until you reach your goal.

The company has more than 20 years of experience managing the online reputation of companies, individuals, and administrations.

how to manage and improve yourr online business reputation 2022

Need help managing and improving your online reputation?

60% of users say they don’t trust people or businesses who receive negative comments or reviews


How to do email marketing?

An email marketing campaign generally includes four parts: an introduction to the product or service being promoted; a CTA for recipients to click on; a link that directs recipients to the desired location; and an ending that encourages recipients who haven’t already to open or click the links above.

What does email marketing allow, and what are the five most important advantages?

Email marketing is a great way to communicate with customers. It offers five main advantages: targeted communications, low cost and high ROI, customization, measurable, and flexibility.

What should a mailing have?

A mailing must have an effective structure, allowing the sender to plan and organize their content ahead of time and know its purpose.

Where to mail?

This decision must be based on a strategy. The process will differ depending on whether it is submitted digitally or in print. The software can help you analyze the variables and create a campaign that is easy to read and understand.

How big should a mailing be?

The proper size for email marketing, which suits email and mobile, is 600px wide.

increase turnover with reputationup 2022

Do you want to grow your brand’s online reputation?

97% of entrepreneurs say online reputation management is the main key to success for their business

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