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Guarantee Cyber Security

ReputationUP guarantees a sophisticated Cyber Intelligence service to Governments and Private individuals in charge of controlling and guaranteeing the security of the country, especially in terms of Anti Terrorism and Digital Security.

* We guarantee the maximum level of privacy.

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Enterprises and Private with a high Reputation Score Generate Major Incomes


For a better and safer future.

We intercept and locate any content on Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web, which directly or indirectly affects the security of the country

How it works

We agree with the customer the needs and priorities of Security. For example: names and surnames of the persons that need to be protected; name of the country to monitor; name of the event or public body to be protected.


ReputationUP is able to identify, classify and geolocalize the information published by any person or anonymous on the Internet, so that the authorities of that country can act at their own discretion.


Our team classifies the detected contents, generates graphics of people linked to these contents and notifies urgencies to the authorities. We insert informations in the internal platform, accessible only by the customer.

Hot spots

We have eyes and ears in the "hot spots" of the Net, where we intercept and classify informations not accessible on classic search engines, because they are often used to carry out illegal activities related to cyber crime.

Advanced technology

Our Cyber Intelligence team has developed a platform that tracks, monitors and identifies every type of content - against people, governments and authorities - that poses a threat to national security and safety.

Anti Terrorism

Fighting Cyber Terrorism is part of our intelligence activities. Through our digital intercept systems, we can prevent dangerous actions, caused by extremist forces, against national and public assets.

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