How to remove images from Google and protect web reputation

Removing images from Google can be a quick process like a long legal dispute based on content: let’s see which category it falls into

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Your web reputation depends on many factors in the network:

  • what the online community thinks and says;
  • the style in which you present yourself to the public;
  • how effective web reputation analysis is.

And of course from much more including what the world can see of their account through images.

Did it happen to go to Google and find that photograph that portrays you shirtless in a club during a drunken brawl? Yet the web reputation shapes you as a respected lawyer from across the community.

And on less extreme situations, why are you portrayed in a park smoking a full-blown cigarette? You should be training instead, as you are a famous professional athlete.

Examples like these could fill whole pages. But the important thing here is to get the key point through:

It doesn’t matter how serious the act itself is in the image; it matters how damaging it is to your online avatar and web reputation.

So, in the case of an unpleasant encounter with a situation like this, you have to think about how to solve it before it’s too late.

Removing an image from a website

Although it seems that Google has its hands on every point of the web under his hat, to practical effect it is not so.

It must be made clear that when an image is published online by someone, the property remains of that someone.

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Google will therefore not be able to intervene personally in the removal of the content because the file is not “physically” under its control.

Therefore, to manage the fact you need to clarify situation by situation.


On average, most of the content falls under this category. So both the drunken fight and the open-air cigarette are part of it.

So how do you remove online content? The most effective way is to contact the owner of the website or profile / social page in question.

N.B. – also the social networks, because on Google Images there are often photographs published on Facebook, Instagram and other social –

That’s because he’s the legal owner of those files on the net, not the search engine.

Therefore, through a communication channel, explain your situation by explaining the problem in detail and then request that the image in question is deleted.

To find out who the owner is or how to contact who you have to…

  • search the Contacts page on the site or scroll down the Home page to check for information;
  • use a WHOIS service, which allows you to retrieve information from the website.

If the response is positive, celebrate: every risk ends here. Check that it has also been removed from Google Pictures.

If not, go here and insert the Google link images of the content in question.

If the response is negative, the process will be more challenging.


In this case, the matter becomes more serious. Both because Big G now comes into play and because, given its entry, the image in question can be serious.

First of all you have to check that the file in question violates the policy of the company.

Check and ask for the removal of information from Google.

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In summary, the contents that fall into this category are:

  • national identification number (e.g. National Insurance Number in the UK),
  • current account numbers,
  • credit card data,
  • images of your signature,
  • nude pornographic content uploaded without the consent of the person portrayed,
  • private medical information.

In general, these are the categories on which Google draws attention. However, it is possible that content that is not closely related to these points may be removed.

The questions that Google faces when it comes to a request for deletion are:

  • Is this a problem related to a number issued by the government?
  • Is it personal content or public domain content?
  • Can it be used for common money transactions?
  • Can it be used to obtain more information about the person for profit or identity theft?
  • Is it sexually explicit content that is published without the person’s consent?

So if the image in question falls within one of these questions, the probability that it will be removed is high.

To contact Google about this situation, go to the dedicated content removal page. Here you will be asked to answer a series of questions on the issue.

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If the answers go against company policy, you will see a form to fill in with all the information you need to proceed.

If this is not the case, an alternative to the problem will appear, if any.


Some content may, however, be excluded from Google’s policy, but still be against the law.

This may be for several reasons:

  • different legislations according to countries;
  • content that violates personal legal disputes;
  • situations of general illegality that do not fall within the parameters of the company.

Therefore, despite the absence of the rule in Google’s policy, if the content goes against the law, the company will be ready to take charge of the situation.

Check the matter on the page for legal removal of content and then proceed with the request via form.

Nothing really disappears

The web is everlasting, and so are its contents. When Google deletes an image from one of its channels, the file will still be there.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, only the owner of the site has the power to delete that content forever (and “forever is very relative on the Internet).

Therefore, despite the intervention of the search engine, the situation may not be over yet. That image can still be reached via its precise URL or at other points on the web.

What to do then?

  • if you are satisfied with the removal from each Google channel and not interested in the total cancellation, the dispute is concluded.
  • if you want removal from the site, contact the owner for removal. You can specify that the image goes against the Google policy and this could lead to direct problems to its activity on Google (e.g. ranking, SEO).
  • if the image is against the law, ask a court for legal removal of the content (e.g. child pornography).

As you can see, delete files from Google is kind of hard, including requests, documents, laws and court in the most extreme cases.

What you can still do in front of this situation is to turn to experts in web reputation. Thanks to such a company, there will be no need for legal disputes and courts: the team of experts will take care of everything.

At ReputationUP, we take care of both the growth of our personal web reputation and its protection.

Is an image damaging your online reputation? ReputationUP is ready to support you.

delete photos from google internet web reputationup 2022

Need help deleting embarrassing photos from the web?

ReputationUP guarantees the elimination of any photo from any platform

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