Open letter to 2021…

Busy with reputation projects and meetings, I finally managed to write to you.

Every year we close our eyes and ask that our wishes come true, but I think these holidays will be different.

It has been a difficult year. Since March we have fantasized about the arrival of December, ticking the days from the calendar. In the end, we can say goodbye to 2020.

We cooked more than ever, we worked from home, we relied on video calls to socialize and we even turned into professors to help our children.

The balconies, which were the scene of singing, messages of hope, applause and chatting with the neighbors, now shine with Christmas decorations.

Joy lives with caution. There is still to fight. And in this struggle we have already said goodbye to many people.

A little silver lining to this situation? I believe that we have all reflected on the value of time and the importance of the dearest affections.

The magic of 2020 was to turn a neighbor into a family member, and each customer into a friend.

Distance has intensified the closeness with our users. Our reputation experts care about the family and health of every person on the other side of the barricade.

In all these years, the ReputationUP team has protected the online reputation and brand of our customers.

We continue to help individuals, public figures, companies and governments, in a professional and attentive way. And now, more than ever, we take care of them.

Dear 2021, one last suggestion before we say goodbye.

Report to 2020 that reputation is the key to success. And his one has ample room for improvement.

The ReputationUP Team wishes you Happy Holidays.

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