The 4+1 best books on web reputation

Everything you need to know in order to learn more about web reputation. Are you ready to start studying?

In any passion, interest or profession, what you need to do to be better and achieve your goals is to improve over time.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s pure theoretical study of a discipline or the antithesis of the practice on the field. Because whether you are bending over Latin verses or in front of a ball, the key is knowledge.

And it is certainly the same in the boundless world of the Internet. A good digital navigator must have in mind the rules of the web to be able to move comfortably and achieve their goals.

Otherwise you risk drifting and losing energy and precious time spent on this.

The web reputation is a discipline in all respects, which must be studied as such. It is not necessary to hide it from oneself: efforts, attempts, time and efforts are necessary for success in this field.

But once you reach the summit, all your effort will be rewarded.

So here is the updated list of some of the best books on web reputation. As Italians, in this article we will present you some English and Italians books.

If you have a good knowledge of the language it is a good idea to go through every page, if not you can get some information about that readings with this article. Not to be read, but to make them yours.

To start the journey in web reputation:

1. Fai di te stesso un brand. Personal branding e reputazione online. (Make yourself a brand. Online personal branding and reputation)  

An A-Z manual. Thanks to this book you can start without any clear idea and browse the last page with a strong knowledge of what web reputation strategy is.

Riccardo Scandellari in his book does not want to go into technical details on the use of programs or tools. The aim is instead to convey to the reader the importance of having a web reputation today and how to do in order to achieve their goals.

It deals with structured strategies and paths regarding social networks, YouTube, blogs and Google positioning. Based on the platform, the author illustrates topics such as how to:

  • create effective and professional profiles;
  • propose valuable content;
  • earn followers;
  • interact with communities.

It is a text mainly aimed at individuals rather than companies, having the idea of going to form a strong image supported by followers of a single identity.

This means that if you want to associate a brand to your image, this is the perfect reading.

2. Digital reputation management. Come gestire, promuovere e difendere la propria reputazione online. (how to manage, promote and defend your own online reputation)

A book that faces the world of newbies on the web reputation and that decides not to go further.

Dealing with the theme of Digital Reputation Management, the author manages to make the reader perceive the importance of having a well-defined plan of web reputation.

In fact, an “action plan” is proposed, to be followed both as a company and as a private individual in order to create value for one’s virtual avatar.

It is not enough to rely only on cold rules such as SEO, but it is necessary the main aspect: that of the users of the network that recognizes the reputation of the brand.

Despite being dated mid-2016, its 253 pages are still capable of transmitting value in today’s Internet. As I said at the beginning, despite the well-treated theme, it is then necessary to look at more in-depth texts.

For those who already have experience in the field (but not too much):

3. Gestione del brand e della reputazione (brand and reputation management.) Effectively cares for your brand and improves your company’s reputation

The perfect text for every businessman to keep under the covers with him at night.

From a small business in the country to a medium-large company on an international level, Giovanni Cavaliere offers here an exhaustive illustration of how a company can convey the best image of itself.

The manual is divided into two sections:

  • Brand;
  • Reputation.

The first section deals with the subject of the brand, from its history, to the importance of the logo, how it is perceived and how it influences famous names in people’s lives.

The second part focuses on the theme most dear to us: web reputation. Here the author manages to create a combination of theoretical and practical exhaustive, combining purely academic content with programs, models and software.

In this way, each reader can make his own study of the subject and then apply it in the field. Also in this case there are several paths on how to act to build a web reputation.

All supported by case studies about the topic and how the facts really develop on the web.

A text therefore with a solid and expert structure capable of transmitting knowledge and facts.

4. Online Reputation Management: The 28 Day Challenge: Get your personal brand in shape

Here we suggest you a book in English:  we propose a book built around a path that needs to be followed.

As the title suggests, it is in fact the Challenge of 28 days. With this Ryan Erskine, author of the text, wants to propose a different concept of manual on the web reputation.

It’s not a series of information organized by topics or platforms, but a real path to take along 4 weeks. You will then be able to learn:

  • create an SEO strategy on websites;
  • structuring your own social profiles;
  • writing effective and “viral” articles;
  • a strategy for your digital avatar.

Here “Online Reputation Management…” on Attention: the text is present only in eBook format.

Bonus: a timeless masterpiece

Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

Although his 12th year of age, the famous book by Seth Godin has not lost a beat yet. And it’s going to be an unmissable piece for a long time to come.

It’s not really a text aimed at the web reputation, but more generally at the design of an “something” of original, different.

That something that is able to stick out from the crowd, just like a purple cow can distinguish itself from the others.

This lesson can be applied to the creation of a new product, to a successful marketing campaign, or to your online strategy.

If you will be able to take the path of originality in the digital world, the web reputation will follow. In fact, it will de build on the image of originality proposed to the public, always attracted by everything that breaks the banal and everyday life.

Here “The purple cow…” on

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