Social Media Monitoring Tools: How They Work & Which One Is Better

How social media monitoring tools work, what they are for and which one is best for your business.

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What is social media monitoring?

Social media monitoring collects information about social media posts from different platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The analysis of this data is used to identify trends on the Internet and improve online reputation.

Subsequently, this information is notified to the interested parties to understand their needs.

It can be carried out for various reasons, such as advertising campaigns, customer service, or information about the competition.

Statista says that the social platform with the most users on Facebook, followed by YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram.

What is social media monitoring ReputationUP

Facebook currently has 2,910 million users,while YouTube has 2,562, WhatsApp with 2,000 and Instagram with 1,478 million users.

Therefore, using these social networks to announce or publicize something is one of the many main objectives of digital marketing due to its wide range of worldwide users.

How are social networks managed?

For optimal management of social networks, apply the following tips:

  • Choose the goals you want to achieve;
  • Understand your target audience and offer content according to their needs;
  • Study the different social networks and select the correct one for your company and audience;
  • Produce and project interesting content;
  • Create a publication calendar;
  • Monitor network results;
  • Use any of the social media monitoring tools;
  • Post often.

ReputationUP, a leading online reputation company, offers digital strategy services such as social media management.

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What is a social media monitoring tool?

A social media monitoring tool is software that helps businesses monitor social media channels to keep up with what people say about them.

Companies can know, in real-time, the mentions, opinions, and feelings about their brand.

The tool intercepts positive comments but also negative ones.

Therefore, social media monitoring tools help stop potential online defamation from haters.

Why is social media monitoring important?

There are many benefits of using a social media monitoring tool including:

  • Increased brand awareness;
  • Awareness of the performance of campaigns and strategies;
  • Increased customer participation;
  • Better user service;
  • Online Reputation Protection;
  • Understanding of the interactions between the client and the brand;
  • Performance measurement of social media channels;
  • Knowledge of industry issues;
  • Time-saving, avoiding manual search;
  • Tracking customer reviews and mentions;
  • Identification of themes in the market.

In short, monitoring social networks is essential to obtain information about the company.

Do I need to monitor social networks?

It’s vital to know what people are saying about your brand and, in turn, how you can use this information to improve your marketing strategy.

With so many people using social media, companies need to monitor what is said to them to stay on top of their corporate reputation.

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What is the use of monitoring your company’s social networks?

Social media monitoring is incredibly valuable to any business seeking success.

It can help you find out what people are saying about your company and identify potential influencers who might want to work with the company in the future.

How did you start monitoring social networks?

The first thing is to decide which software works best for your company.

Next, include the company’s social networks on the platform.

Each one offers different metrics according to its characteristics.

Contact ReputationUP to learn about their digital strategies and service, such as managing or monitoring social networks.

How to monitor social networks?

Here’s how to monitor the top five networks.


With social media monitoring, you can measure the following indexes on Facebook:

  • Reach: number of people who have viewed the publications, divided into organic mode and paid posts;
  • The number of users: find out how many people have interacted with your page.

For example, see the days and times when your publications work best, according to likes or comments;

  • Click rates: it works like email marketing, and the company can see the number of clicks that their links have received, open their images or video reproductions;
  • Engagement: interaction (comments, likes, or shares) of the audience with the company’s publications.

The ‘like’ is the first step of a user, who no longer interacts as the one who shares the content.

In addition, Facebook offers the possibility of sharing feelings with the buttons ‘I love’ or ‘It makes me sad’. The comment is the most vital tool to give an opinion;

  • The rejection: is the negative data your company registers on Facebook.

Users manifest this by hiding company posts from their feeds or reporting a post as spam.

How to monitor social networks ReputationUP

According to HubSpot, 93% of businesses are active on Facebook.


By monitoring Twitter, you can find out how the following metrics work:

  • Tweets: the total number of posts in the company feed can be viewed on the company’s Twitter home page.

You can find out which is the outstanding tweet of a particular period;

  • Impressions: number of views a tweet has obtained;
  • Visits: number of visits received by the profile in a given period;
  • Mentions: number of times the account has been mentioned in a post.

Similarly, you can find out which was the most viewed mention on the Twitter network;

  • Followers: users who follow your account. You can see which new ones you have won over some time.

Also, know your outstanding follower, the one with the most followers. This is an opportunity because it can be a potential client or business influencers;

  • Clicks: number of clicks on a shared link in a post;
  • Retweets: times a post has been shared;
  • Favorites: number of ‘likes’ that a tweet has achieved. With Twitter monitoring, you can find out the engagement of the posts.

That is the number of likes, retweets, responses, or clicks.


To understand how your company’s Instagram posts are performing, you should analyze the following metrics:

  • Impressions: number of times a post has been viewed;
  • Reach: number of people who have seen a post;
  • Engagement: the amount of likes and comments on a publication;
  • Saved: number of times a company’s post has been saved.

Likewise, you can know the impact of the stories.

In addition to impressions and reach, which work like posts, you can analyze the:

  • Clicks to back: number of users who returned to see a story;
  • Clicks to forward: number of people who clicked to view the next story;
  • Exited: number of individuals who left your company’s stories;
  • Responses: Number of responses a story has received.
How to monitor social networks Instagram ReputationUP

Instagram offers the option to create a professional account, choosing a category and description of your business.


YouTube offers the following metrics to be analyzed:

  • Views: number of times a video has been played;
  • Playback locations: the company can know from where the video has been viewed;
  • Traffic source: used to discover where the views of a video are coming from;
  • Audience retention: this data reveals when the user has disconnected from the video.

How many minutes or seconds have you been viewing the content.

This social network connects in an audiovisual way with influencers and potential clients. The brand can customize and design its channel, also measuring SEO traffic.

How to monitor social networks Youtube ReputationUP


LinkedIn is the largest professional network, and it is essential to monitor it with the following metrics:

  • Profile views: who has viewed your profile;
  • Post impressions: who is engaging with your posts;
  • Search Appearances: How often your business appears in search results;
  • Followers: number of users who follow your account;
  • Recommendations: quick interaction of people such as ‘Support’, ‘Love’ or ‘Interesting’;
  • Comments: this is the modality in which users express their opinion.

The study of metrics allows us to understand the audience and is a roadmap to improve results.

Social media monitoring tools break down results by age, location, and time to better understand your audience.

What is social media tracking?

Social media monitoring is the process of monitoring social media for mentions of your business or brand.

It allows you to identify influencers who mention your company and create an appropriate response strategy for these influencers.

How can you measure the impact of social networks?

Some of the parameters that you can measure in social networks are:

  • Number of followers;
  • Number of publications;
  • frequency of publications;
  • Participation: likes, comments, shares.

Monitoring social media and seeing how it affects your business strategy is essential.

How can social media monitoring inform your sales and product teams?

Social media monitoring can be used in many different ways.

But one of the most common is that sales and product teams use it as a source of information about what’s happening in the company’s industry.

They can monitor online conversations and see what people say about the company or its competitors.

This information is used to modify digital marketing strategies, create content or improve products.

repup monitoring tool monitor online reputation reputationup 2022

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How do social media monitoring tools work?

How social media monitoring tools work depends on each platform.

But, generally, to measure the social networks of a company, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Find the social network in the software:

    The tools limit the search to the leading social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or TikTok.

  2. Select the social network you want to monitor:

    Take, for example, Instagram.

  3. Choose the date:

    Some platforms allow you to go back up to two years to analyze social networks in that period.

  4. Click on the metric you want to study:

    The software shows an overview or you can access a more specific category such as audience, results or trends.

  5. For example, select about audience:

    The graphs show the followers, the growth and the new ones daily.How do social media monitoring tools work ReputationUP

  6. If you click on activity:

    The platform shows the content, divided by the publication types, also pointing out those with the most interactions.

    There is software that filters by tags, country, language or gender.
    Activity social media monitoring tools ReputationUP

  7. Creating a report:

    Social media monitoring tools create a report with all the data to collect all the information.

Social media monitoring tools

The following sections explain essential social media monitoring tools.


With Onlypult, you get informations and mentions from competitors, partners, buyers, and customers.

The platform finds discussions related to the brand so that the company makes the right decisions.

Charts, lists, and filters will help monitor mentions.


Brandwatch stores millions of posts, comments and conversations, providing a wealth of real-time and historical data about consumers.

This software also monitors Tumblr and Reddit.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social measures the metrics that matter from day one, distilling actionable insights from around the world.

As you can red on the company page:

“Sprout’s analytics tools speed data collection and distribution to enable brands to focus on the KPIs that matter, make thoughtful strategic decisions, and measure ROI.”

The company can monitor all profiles from one location.

Find and filter historical data, comparing a brand’s performance with the competitor’s one.

Sprout Social Social media monitoring tools ReputationUP

Agora Pulse

With AgoraPulse, you can participate in social conversations about a brand, competition and space.

It offers the ability to respond quickly to urgent conversations.

Take action with retweets, replies and private messages.


With Keyhole, you can listen to conversations that engage your audience.

You’ll stay on top of the competition, industry trends, and key consumer insights.

Access all direct and indirect mentions, hashtags, influencers and keywords in real-time.

Keyhole Social media monitoring tools ReputationUP


Metricool monitors the actions and growth in networks of the competition to obtain inspiration and improve the strategy.

Obtain analytics on how your community grows on social networks and the performance of the posts on each.

Receive demographic data about your audience and review the statistics.

Metricool Social media monitoring tools ReputationUP


SocialGest measures and analyzes the leading indicators of social networks in one place.

It offers direct metrics from social media servers.

You can create your display areas with up to 200+ sources of social media KPIs.


Buffer measures social media performance creates reports, and makes recommendations to increase reach, engagement, and sales.

You’ll be able to track the performance of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from one intuitive dashboard.

Analyze key engagement metrics for each social account.


The user can keep up with online conversations with Hootsuite.

With the platform, you will follow the evolution of your publications and mentions of the brand, controlling the activities of the competition.

You have the option to search for any topic or keyword, filtering by date, demographics, location, etc. 


Welovroi is a measurement and analytics tool for social networks.

With the platform, social media statistics are unified, comparing the results with those of the competitors.

Those are the different opportunities the tool offers:

“Unify the analytics of the different social networks, create dashboards with only the metrics you need, extract results reports and make decisions faster and easier.”

The software analyzes sectors quantitatively and qualitatively, extracting quality insights to improve results.


Atribus collects posts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, in addition to media outlets and blogs.

The platform analyzes the audience’s behavior and creates a community around the brand.

The software establishes panels for the competitors and measures the communication strategy.


Iconosquare analyzes Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Facebook.

The graphs show the brand’s performance, such as the evolution of followers, average per post or impression history.

With the software, you will understand the impact of content and online presence.


RivalIQ analyzes social networks with personalized alerts and reports.

The software helps the brand to detect what works on social networks through different metrics.

Get more engagement with activity and engagement breakdowns by each type of media available on each platform, such as videos, photos, etc.

What is the best tool for social networks?

Out of all the tools available on the market, the most complete is the RepUP Monitoring Tool.

What is the best tool for social networks ReputationUP

The software combines Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to analyze what the network says about your corporate or personal brand.

It is a tool patented by ReputationUP, which monitors the web in real-time, measures the sentiment score of mentions, optimizes your ROI and intercepts digital reputation crises.

RepUP Monitoring Tool measures multilingual data and key information to listen to what the network says about your business.

The objectives of the software are the following:

RepUP Monitoring Tool scans the entire web surface and intercepts any content related to your brand, competition, buyers and influencers in the sector.

This tool monitors social networks, search engines, new media, newsletters, blogs, forums, Play Stores, negative reviews, and broadcasts.

The client receives an alert by email or message every time new content appears.

You can configure the results by language and country or globally.

The ReputationUP platform determines the time frame you want to monitor: from one day to two years ago.

In addition, the company’s team offers 24/7 support.

spy on competitors reputation repup monitoring tool 2022

Do you want to spy on your competitors and their strategies?

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What is the best tool for monitoring Twitter?

RepUP Monitoring Tool allows you to monitor Twitter, among other social media.

The platform filters by date, and data can be viewed on:

  • Owner activity: distribution of tweet content, type of tweet with the most interaction or spikes in activity;
  • Audience activity: distribution of the content of the tweet, type of tweet with the most interaction, most used devices, appreciation of the content, engagement rate, average rate of interaction or peaks of activity;
What is the best tool for monitoring Twitter ReputationUP
  • Audience: followers, growth or new followers;
  • Results over time;
  • Performance: results, interactions, reach or division by engagement;
  • Influencers;
  • Sentiment: in time, fee, controllers, emotions;
  • Trends: over time, top websites and domains;
  • Demographics: gender, age, languages, family status, interests, occupations, the share of the business or automated accounts;
  • World map.

Additionally, online reputation monitoring can be filtered by sentiment, tags, country, language, or gender.

What is the best tool for Instagram monitoring?

Through the RepUP Monitoring Tool, you will be able to analyze the performance of Instagram.

The software filters by date, and data can be viewed on:

  • Audience: followers, growth of followers and new ones per day;
  • Results over time;
  • Performance: results, interactions, reach or division by engagement;
  • Sentiment: in time, fee, controllers, emotions;
  • Trends: over time, top websites and domains;
  • Activity: Distribution by post types, post type with the most interactions, and activity spikes.

The platform also offers data on engagement, reach, comments, interactions, and likes, among others.

What is the best tool for Instagram monitoring social media monitoring tools ReputationUP

Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

The most importance free social media monitoring tools are explained in the following sections.

Google Alerts

Google alerts notifies, via email, search engine results related to a keyword.

You only have to enter the following data:

  • Keyword: the user can configure it for a personal and corporate brand;
  • Frequency: when it occurs, at most once a day, at most once a week;
  • Sources: automatic, news, blogs, web, video, books, forums and finance;
  • Language and region;
  • Quantity: all results or only the best ones;
  • Email to which you want to send the report.
Google Alerts ReputationUP

You can create all the alerts you want and edit and delete them.


TweetDeck is an intuitive and free tool to analyze Twitter in real-time.

The user can manage multiple accounts on the social network, schedule tweets, create collections, etc.

The columns of the platform show messages, mentions, trends, and likes, among other actions.


Mention enables brands and agencies to manage their online presence through web and social listening.

The platform identifies important conversations, monitoring more than a billion sources.

The software has a free plan and four other paid plans that increase monitored networks, alerts, mentions, accounts and users.


Followerwonk compares Twitter accounts to find matches and target new influencers.

It breaks out followers, contrasts relationships, and matches activities with gains and losses.

The software has a free and two other paid plans that increase the analysis and optimization results.


BuzzSumo creates alerts for topics, brands, and keywords that impact your business.

The software monitors competitors, brand mentions, and industry updates.

The platform offers a free plan and three other paid plans that increase the results of analysis and social networks.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics Social media monitoring tools ReputationUP

Twitter Analytics measures the interaction of tweets to make them more successful.

Log in from Twitter to explore follower interests, locations, and demographics.


With Twitonomy you can explore, search and filter information about followers.

Monitor interactions with other users: mentions, retweets, favorites, etc.

Export search analysis of keywords, hashtags, URLs, or users.


Audiense identifies relevant audiences and uncovers actionable insights. The software increases brand awareness, crafts the best acquisition strategies, measuring impact on Twitter.

AudienseSocial media monitoring tools ReputationUP

The tool offers a free plan and two other paid plans that increase statistics, accounts and searches.

Business Manager

Business Manager is Meta’s help desk for businesses.

You can use this free platform to:

  • Post and track ads;
  • Manage assets such as Pages and ad accounts;
  • Add a digital marketing agency or partner to help you run your business.

It is a commercial manager that allows you to separate the personal account from the business one.


Through this guide, you have discovered how social media monitoring tools work, what they are for and which one is the best for your company.

The following conclusions can be drawn from this article:

  • Monitoring is a procedure that consists in collecting data on publications from different platforms;
  • The information collected is used, for example, for campaigns, customer service, or to analyze the competition;
  • The optimal management of social networks is applied with the setting of objectives, the study of the target audience and social media, interesting content, and monitoring;
  • Among the benefits of monitoring, there is the increase in customer participation, better service, knowledge of the issues or follow-up of opinions stand out;
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are the main social networks that require monitoring;
  • Google Alerts, TweetDeck or Mention are some of the free social network monitoring tools;
  • Onlypult, Brandwatch or Sprout Social are softwares used to monitor social networks.

It is essential to monitor the brand through social networks.

In this way, it is understood what the network says about it and applies it to a better strategy.

RepUP Monitoring Tool combines Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to measure the content associated with your brand on the web.

our patented software monitors in real-time, measuring sentiment from mentions, optimizing ROI, and intercepting reputation crises.

RepUP Monitoring Tool analyzes social networks, search engines, new media, newsletters, blogs, forums, Play Stores, review sites, and broadcasters.

The platform scans the entire surface web and intercepts any content related to your brand, competition, buyers and industry influencers.

repup monitoring tool monitor online reputation reputationup 2022

Need help monitoring your brand online?

Access the RepUP Monitoring Tool platform now


What are social media monitoring tools?

Social media monitoring tools analyze and track people’s opinions about a company, product, or service.

What monitoring tools exist?

Social listening tools, social analytics, social media management and social advertising platforms.

How to monitor social networks?

The first step is creating a list of relevant keywords and relevant hashtags. This will allow you to monitor any conversation or post related to your company, products, or competitors.

What types of tools exist for managing social networks?

They can be classified into administration (scheduling or audience information), analysis (performance measurement) or participation, where you can interact with other users.

What measurement tool can you use for your social networks and what data will it allow you to analyze?

RepUP Monitoring Tool is the complete tool because it combines Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to analyze what is being said on your brand’s network. Monitor keywords, hashtags, reviews, profiles, etc.

increase turnover with reputationup 2022

Do you want to grow your brand’s online reputation?

97% of entrepreneurs say online reputation management is the main key to success for their business

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