How To Clean Your Name Online: The Definitive Guide

Learn how to clean your name online and effectively delete yourself from the Internet, in order to remove personal information from all internet sources. 

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What is my online reputation?

Online reputation is the opinion or perception that users and/or consumers have about a company or person in the digital sphere.

This concept, easy to define but complex to manage, is the feeling that a brand generates about its customers on the Internet.

Therefore, managing online reputation is a crucial piece in any company that wants to achieve business success.

It may include the necessity to clean your name online.

The Internet is an infinite space with information of any kind, including personal data.

You should know that laws allow public bodies worldwide to request the disclosure of user information for civil, administrative, criminal, and national security purposes.

how to clean your name online: What is my online reputation ReputationUP

Google‘s transparency report reveals that from July 2009 to the first half of 2021 (the latest data offered by Google), there have been 1,149,708 requests for the disclosure of information about users.

This figure has grown because, in 2009, 12,539 reports were requested and, in 2020, 217,408.

How to clean your name online?

Next, discover how to clean your name online through a search with the first and last name.

The Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) shows the content associated with that keyword.

The engine includes news, social networks, photos, videos, review sites, documents, articles, audio, etc.

You must differentiate between links managed by a website external to you and those under your control.

In the first case, the removal depends on a third party that may or may not remove the information.

In the second case, it is easier to clean the name online because you have to remove the data.

This article will discover how to do it in both cases.

How do you clear your name from the internet? 

Before taking action that allows you to clean your name online, you should ask what information about you is on Google and if it is available to everyone.

You can know the results manually by entering your name and surname.

Likewise, you can combine it with keywords associated with your name, nickname, diminutive, just a last name, etc.

Your results will appear, and those of those with your same personal data will appear.

In addition, several tools facilitate the search automatically.

Some of them are the following:

  • Google Alerts: it is a free tool that notifies, through email, the Google results related to your name;
  • Brand 24: collects all mentions of keywords on websites and social networks;
  • BrandMentions: Shows an analysis of mentions and sentiment of a brand.

The most complete tool to find out what the network says about a corporate or personal brand is the RepUP Monitoring Tool.

The software combines Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, scanning the web in real-time, measuring the opinion of mentions, and intercepting reputation crises.

Starting from a keyword, RepUP Monitoring Tool monitors search engines, blogs, forums, review sites, etc.

The language and the time frame you want to scan the web are configured.

How do I disappear online? 

If you want to disappear from the web and clean your name online, you must know that is not an easy or brief action; it needs analysis and execution time.

For a complete online demise, request a Google deletion and delete your social media accounts.

Other spaces, such as the Dark Web or Deep Web, contact specialized professionals such as ReputationUP, an online leader in managing online reputation, privacy, and image.

How do I remove myself from online searches? 

When you have already located all the links in which your name appears, check which ones are your property, and you can directly make them disappear from Google.

On the other hand, you can find links with negative, false, or obsolete information or indicated by online defamation.

You can contact the webmaster of the sites or ask Google to deindex the information associated with you, so you will clean your name online.

How Can You Clean Your Name? 

Removing your personal information from Internet, including your name, encompasses many possibilities.

They are equivalent to the number of sites hosted by your personal data.

Here’s how to clear your online name on Google.

How do I get my name removed from Google Search? 

If you want to clean your name online and remove your first and last name from Google, sign in to your account and follow these steps:

how to clean your name online ReputationUP
  • Click on “Data and personalization” on the left margin;
  • Select “Delete a service or your account”
  • Choose “Delete Google account”;
  • Finally, click on “Delete your account”.

You can delete this information as it is under your control.

But, other data and links, such as media articles, can continue to damage your digital reputation.

If you need help finding negative links about your brand and managing them, so they don’t affect your image, contact ReputationUP.

How much does it cost to clean up online reputation? 

The price of online reputation cleaning is variable and depends on the number of negative links in the search engine.

Deindexation through Google is free, but you will have to wait at least two years, with no guarantee of a positive result.

If you need a fast and efficient service, contact ReputationUP, which cleans up false news and negative publications.

How do I stop my name from appearing on a google search? 

In this guide about how to clean your name online, you check that all the information you or a third party has created is registered with Google.

Your personal information is linked to a website and, therefore, to a specific URL.

To clear your name online for good, contact the site’s webmaster and Google if there is still indexing of the data.

How do I fix my online reputation?

In the first question of this article, we have already mentioned that personal reputation management is a complex process that requires time and professionalism.

How to fix your online reputation is a difficult situation that affects your brand.

For example, opt for harmful links removal if links appear in the Google search engine that harm your corporate reputation.

To accompany the cleaning, an SEO strategy can be implemented that enhances the positive reputation of your company.

And above all, it is essential to review what is being said online about your brand constantly.

It is a simple action in which you only have to enter the keyword on the Google search engine.

Or, on the other hand, rely on a professional reputation monitoring tool to scan the web in depth.

spy on competitors reputation repup monitoring tool 2022

Do you want to spy on your competitors and their strategies?

Access the RepUP Monitoring Tool platform and find out how to beat the competition.

This way, you choose what you want to track (keyword, domain, hashtag, social network profiles, etc.), introducing filters (media, country, language, demographic data, etc.) that narrow your search.

With the reports, you will be able to intercept, in real-time, what is the feeling of your personal and corporate audience.

In this way, it will be easier to understand which information to delete to clean your name online.

What do I do if my reputation is ruined? 

The reputational problem suddenly reaches a brand, and it is time to make decisions.

Continuing with the previous example: carrying out the exposed actions can solve the setback, but it is not an easy task or a matter of luck.

There comes the point where a bad reputation triggers commercial, economic, and financial problems.

And the company enters a situation of reputational risk.

At this point of no return, contact a company specializing in online reputation management.

ReputationUP can advise you at every step to resolve a crisis.

How do I change my reputation? 

To change your brand’s reputation, establish an improvement plan that increases your visibility.

Start the strategy by improving your online presence by positioning content in the engines, controlling the first page of Google with the main keyword, and spreading a positive image of your brand.

It is essential to share the generated publications to reach the audience and reach new customers.

ReputationUP can help you by applying its effective online reputation management strategy through four stages:

  • Cleaning: find the harmful information on the web and proceed to its elimination;
  • Monitoring: real-time scanning of your personal or corporate brand information;
  • Protection: measurement, verification, and analysis of reputation;
  • Improvement: consolidate the brand’s positioning on the first page of Google, being the leading company against your competition.

This process intervenes in the negative perception that users have about a brand.

how to clean your name online and How do I change my reputation ReputationUP

In fact, after a fall in the image, 32% of companies have increased their productivity thanks to online reputation management.

How do you recover from reputational damage? 

First, to prevent certain publications from damaging your image, analyze your reputation situation.

Look for what is the positive and negative content of search engines and social networks.

Subsequently, eliminate all the negative information found.

What belongs to a third party, contact him to request the removal of harmful links.

And remember that many links may continue to be indexed by Google.

For them to disappear from the search engine, you will need to contact the company.

How do I clear my reputation? 

You can clean your reputation on the Internet from false and harmful content.

The Right to be Forgotten supports those people who are victims of irrelevant, incorrect, inadequate, or excessive information.

From the Google help page, the user can report the content for legal reasons:

  • Google displays different products to select which one is your request.

Among them there is Google search, BlogSpot, and YouTube.

Select the one that best suits your withdrawal of information.

For example, Google search;

How do I clear my reputation ReputationUP
  • Google will display the options it can help you with, such as identity theft, withdrawal of personal information, intellectual property problem, etc.

Select “Legal personal information”;

how to clean your name online and clear my reputation legal personal information ReputationUP
  • You have to choose one of the two options: Right to be Forgotten or defamation;
how to clean your name online and How do I clear my reputation Right to be forgotten ReputationUP
  • When you select one of the two alternatives, the button will appear in which you start the personal information withdrawal form.

The fields must be completed with personal data, the URL you want to delete, and the reason.

ReputationUP, a company specializing in online reputation management, can help you clean up harmful links online.

The company guarantees to remove online content, including links, articles, videos, photos, documents, etc.

How to remove personal information from internet sources? 

Google will remove the information from the search engine but will not perform this on the website.

Access the Google Help Center to understand how this process works:

  • Click on the first option: “Remove information you see in Google search”;
how to clean your name online and remove personal information from internet sources ReputationUP
  • Google will ask you what information you want to remove: only from search results or a website.

If you choose the one that includes the site, Google asks if you have contacted the webmaster.

To continue with the process, click only on search results;

How to remove personal information from internet sources process ReputationUP
  • The company offers to request the removal of outdated web pages or outdated images.

Click on the option “Request removal”’ that best suits your needs;

How to remove personal information from internet sources Request removal ReputationUP
How to remove personal information from internet sources remove url ReputationUP

If you want to contact Google, keep in mind that the process is slow (around two years), and it often does not have the expected end since the company analyzes whether or not to deindex the page.

This also does not imply the definitive elimination of your information.

If you want to completely disappear from the Internet, you should contact a specialized company that knows how to clear your name online.

ReputationUP can protect your online reputation from fake news and remove negative information from the Internet.

Can you get something removed from the internet?

The appearance of the GDPR has legally framed the protection of information and privacy on the Internet.

Personal data, such as names or surnames, are exposed and, on occasion, subject to improper and unauthorized use.

This European regulation regulates the Right to be Forgotten, which preserves the reputation of people by storing irrelevant, incorrect, inadequate, or excessive information.

Under this legislation, Google and the other search engines are responsible for processing personal data and are obliged to remove URLs from web pages.

The GDPR establishes the following exceptions in the application of the Right to be Forgotten:

  • Guarantee freedom of expression;
  • Comply with legal obligations;
  • Reasons for the public interest;
  • Scientific, statistical, or historical objective;
  • Formulate recommendations.

The Right to be Forgotten weighs the individual’s interests and the news’s public interest.

How do you clean up bad reviews on the internet? 

The cleaning of the online name of negative reviews will depend on each site’s legal regulations and content.

Also, remember that you can ask the user to withdraw the opinion that affects your brand.

Below are specific examples of removing reviews from review sites.

In the case of Tripadvisor, you can initiate a procedure to inform and remove the opinion through legal channels.

You’ll need to log in to your business account to remove negative Trustpilot reviews.

Then check the flag icon under the review.

how to clean your name online and How do you clean up bad reviews on the internet ReputationUP

For its part, in Google, you must perform the following steps:

  • Sign in to your Google My Business account;
  • Go to “Manage reviews”;
  • Click on the three dots on the right side and “Flag as inappropriate”;
how to clean your name online and How do you clean up bad reviews on the internet GMB ReputationUP
  • Indicate the issue with the review: not relevant to the business, conflict of interest, privacy issue, etc.
how to clean your name online and How do you clean up bad reviews on the internet report ReputationUP

The social network Facebook differentiates between two types of negative opinions related to your name:

  • Review with ratings only: in this case, it cannot be deleted. Only if Facebook recognizes it as a massive spam action;
  • Review with a comment: the possibility of elimination is increased compared to the previous one, especially if it is spam or a fake account, but the deletion of the review is not guaranteed.

The user can make two decisions regarding negative reviews on Facebook: block access or report a profile.

Unfortunately, fake accounts or trolls often overtake content and privacy policies.

This complicates the reputation of many business and personal brands, which see their name associated with negative, outdated, or false comments.

ReputationUP, a leading online reputation company, can help you manage and remove negative reviews.

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ReputationUP guarantees the elimination of any false or defamatory negative reviews from any platform

How can I do a social media clean up before a job search? 

Deleting information from social networks is one of the actions to clean your name from the Internet.

In most cases, the social network user is your first and last name.

Thus, the link to your social network will indeed appear on Google.

Deleting information from social networks is one of the actions to clean your name from the Internet.

Although you can change the name, protect the comments, and delete the photos, a complete online disappearance includes the deletion of the account.

In the case of Instagram, enter this address and follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your account;
  • Select the reason you want to delete your account;
How can I do a social media clean up before a job search ReputationUP
  • Enter your password again;
  • Click on “Delete”.

For Facebook, follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to your profile:

    Enter your username and password. In the upper right area, click on the option “Settings and privacy”;How can I do a social media clean up before a job search Facebook ReputationUP

  2. Settings and privacy:

    This menu will display a list with three options, and you must select the first, “Settings”;How can I do a social media clean up before a job search Facebook settings ReputationUP

  3. Page setup:

    A menu will be displayed on the left side, in which you have to click “Privacy”, and, later, “Your Facebook information”;How can I do a social media clean up before a job search Facebook information ReputationUP

  4. Information from the Facebook page:

    In the central area of ​​the screen, choose “Deactivation and deletion” to deactivate the page for a while or permanently delete it;How can I do a social media clean up before a job search Facebook deactivation ReputationUP

  5. Final removal:

    Finally, if that’s what you want, “Delete account”. It’s a permanent option, and you won’t be able to get back any content or information you’ve shared on Facebook with that page.How can I do a social media clean up before a job search Facebook delete account ReputationUP

How do I clean my name from Youtube

  • Log in to your account and click on “Settings” on the left sidebar;
  • In the new menu that appears, select “Advanced settings”;
  • In the middle of the screen, select “Delete channel”.

Finally, discover how to remove your online name on Twitter through the following steps:

  • Log in to your account and go to “Settings and privacy”;
  • Click on “Your account”;
  • Select “Deactivate your account”;
  • Confirm the action by clicking on “Deactivate”.

To finish the cleanup, don’t forget the old networks like Myspace or Tuenti.

How Do I Do A Google Cleanse? 

You can use Just Delete Me if you want them to stop working and disappear from the Internet.

It is a free and intuitive service, which shows a list with all the sites and applications.

You have to consider a different scenario if you need to delete network information indexed in Google.

The Twitter help center indicates that Google can index the words that are written in the profile or public tweets, so they can continue to appear in the search engine, despite the profile being deleted.

This also happens with the rest of social networks.

Outdated links keep showing up because sometimes Google doesn’t have the up-to-date information in its search indexes.

The Mountain View giant will eventually update its information, but we’ll also explain below how to remove outdate content.

The last option you have is talking to the webmasters.

You can contact it through these options:

  • Contact the owner through his page: the web indicates an email contact or telephone number;
  • WHOIS: Type the following into the Google search bar:


The email of the owner of the domain or administrative contact will appear;

  • Hosting of the site: contact the hosting of the web.

Through the WHOIS protocol, this information can also be found.

If you’ve already removed the information from your sites and contacted the site owner, and your name still appears online, contact Google.

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Through this text, you have discovered how to clean your online name from the Internet and make your data disappear from Google permanently.

You can draw the following conclusions from the guide:

  • You can find out what Google says about you just by typing your name and surname in the search engine;
  • Many monitoring tools automatically search for the keyword you want: name, surname, nickname, etc.;
  • The deletion can be done by yourself if you manage that page, for example, on social networks or websites that you no longer use;
  • Likewise, you can request the removal of your name from the webmaster of the site;
  • Google offers the possibility of deindexing the information from your search engine;
  • The Right to be Forgotten protects users from irrelevant, inappropriate, or excessive content.

Disappearing from the Internet is not an easy action and needs analysis and execution time.

In addition, Google only offers the possibility of removing the link from your browser as the link will remain online.

If you want to know how to clear your name online and disappear from the web, contact ReputationUP, a company specialized in managing online reputation and removing harmful links.

reputation protection 2022 reputationup

Need help protecting your online privacy?

ReputationUP guarantees the elimination of any private and personal information (name, number, address, photo, video) from any Internet platform


How to clear my name on the Internet?

You will need to check the internet links associated with your name. If those websites are under your control, you should just delete the information. If a third party manages this data, you will have to request its withdrawal.

How to clean my name in the Google search engine?

You have to delete your data from the pages you have access to, such as social networks. If, on the other hand, it is news from third parties, you have to contact them. Google makes a form available to users to request the deletion of information.

How to clean your image on the Internet?

You have to scan the web to check what is being said about you. All links that are harmful, false, obsolete, or indicated by online defamation can be removed through the Right to be Forgotten.

How to clean my public image?

It will depend on the reputational problems you face. Cleaning starts with the removal of negative links. If you are already experiencing a crisis, you must reinforce your image with a positive reputation.

How to clean someone’s reputation

Users can benefit from the Right to be Forgotten and request the withdrawal of information that affects their reputation. Likewise, to improve their reputation, they can contact a specialized company that improves their image towards the external public or clients.

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